Honeymoon in the Bahamas

Last night was eventful as we started off planning for our honeymoon and decided we wanted to go down to key west for 5 days after we get married in florida.

This however changed dynamic and after looking through numerous websites for hotels to stay at along the journey to key west it was getting more and more expensive for 1 night it was going to cost $240 at key largo and then another $279 at Islamorado, we then decided just to drive directly down to key west and have a few nights there but the prices where insane at just less than $800 for 2nights!

As we are getting married in Florida next year we wanted to have a honeymoon still in a different place we both have never been too, then it clicked (lightbulb went off in my head) and i said to Dan lets go to the Bahamas its close to florida we could go for a few days and it would feel more like a honeymoon should, relaxing, tropical and a once in a lifetime holiday.

I looked at flights from Florida to Nassau Bahamas and its $143 each for a return which is good and it takes 1hr and 15mins to get there via plane, we looked at the different places to stay in the Bahamas and we both agreed on Freeport, the Hotel we are staying at is directly on the beach which is very private just for its guest’s, there are water sports available as well as volley ball, games and beautiful gardens to look around as well as the marina.

This is our hotel for 5nights it is the Islands Seas Resort at Freeport, Bahamas

The hotel has got 4.5 stars out of 5 on websites and the reviews are nice regarding location, hotel staff and the beach and the cleanliness of the rooms.

When going away i don’t want to stay in the most expensive place as i only use the room to sleep and shower in, its a base as the rest of the time your out exploring or relaxing by the pool or beach.

In total its costing us $540 for 5 nights that is self catering as i don’t like all inclusive places as i am very fussy with food and also being gluten and wheat intolerant its a waste of money for me.

Freeport is the main city on Grand Bahama, an island in the northwest Bahamas off the Florida coast. It’s best known for the oceanfront Lucaya district’s beaches, resorts and shopping. Nearby, Deadman’s Reef is popular for snorkeling, and the surrounding offshore waters have many dive sites. Up the coast, Lucayan National Park features extensive underwater caves plus kayaking and nature trails.

How beautiful does this look, We are both so excited to be going here as husband and wife on our 1st holiday together, we decided 5 nights is enough as we will already be in America and my parents are coming to Florida for 3 weeks to celebrate my dads 60th birthday and obviously our wedding.

I dread to think how much this would cost if we where to fly from the Uk i am just thankful of how much money it is saving us to visit such a beautiful place.

The countdown is now on, we always said we wanted a honeymoon nicer than our wedding and that’s exactly what we are getting.

Thanks for reading x


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