Delicious Lemon Cake and it’s Gluten Free

I love lemon cake always have always will.

Today was a typical rainy day and i thought i would attempt baking a lemon cake for a change, i was very apprehensive how it would turn out as i adapted the recipe as most lemon cake recipes have almonds in and i hate almonds.

The recipe i used was this one below if anyone wants to try it for themselves.

I am new to baking and don’t have all the fancy tools or equipment in my kitchen, i had to make the best out of what i had which was 2 circular baking tins as i didn’t have a rectangle one or a loaf tin (but i will be investing in these) as baking is my new hobby and i love it.

I did remember to take photos of the cake in the oven today as i like to see how my bake progresses.

Looking good in the oven.

All prepared ready to ice once cooled.

I had enough mixture to make 2 lemon cakes.

I am very happy with the finished result for my 1st attempt at a lemon cake i did very well, the sponge is yellow , lemony and light its very moist as well, the icing is my favourite as its got a nice kick to it with the lemon juice and works perfectly with the cake! well done me.

This picture makes my mouth water as it looks so scrummy and tasty.

I put the kettle on and made myself a cuppa Yorkshire tea and indulged in a nice piece of lemon cake made by me, i am already tempted for another slice too.

Thanks for reading x


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