I made Gluten Free shortbread biscuits (yummy)

My life this week has consisted of making 3 batches of these biscuits.

I love shortbread biscuits especially at christmas time, i found the recipe online and as all my recipes i will post it below.

I have tried the gluten free Versions in morrisons and sainsburys and they weren’t appetising or worth the money.

I always thought shortbread would be really difficult to make from scratch but if anything this is the easiest out of all the things i have made over the weeks.

For the ingrediants i used Doves farm gluten free plain flour which is available from most supermarkets to buy at less than £2.

This made roughly 12-15 biscuits all depending on how big you cut them out.

I doubled the recipe yesterday as i wanted to make enough for me and my family to try and it made 32 biscuits.

This is my step by step in photos, except i forgot to take one of them in the oven! doh..

Make sure you flour the work top and rolling pin so the mixture doesn’t stick.

I left them in my fridge for 20 minutes once cut out into shapes on a baking tray, and then i put them in the oven for 15 minutes.

And here’s the final result of the biscuits once cooled, ready to indulge with a nice cup of tea.

I am super happy with how they have turned out and recommend anyone to make these as they are delicious.

Thanks for reading x


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