My guide to Gluten Free shopping in the UK.

Since suffering with Gluten and wheat allergies for over 8 years you would think i would be an expert on where to get food from if only this was the case.

I hate having this allergy as i have to live without so much food i enjoyed eating when i was in my late teens, I dislike food shopping as it frustrates me taking my trolly around supermarkets to then realise i can’t get everything i need from one place, so i have to make 3 trips a week to different stores just to be able to eat (so annoying).

I also have bowel disease i am unable to digest food in my intestines and it stays in my stomach for days even weeks and is very uncomfortable for me and reduces me to have severe cramps, there are days when i can’t get out of bed or face the world and it stops me from living my life at the age of 29 which is a shame as i am ruled by a disease thats ruining my intestines, i have lost even more weight a total of 17lbs and i am now down to 7st2 which is unhealthy for my age and height at 5ft2.

This week i went to my local Tesco in Hucknall and i was so disappointed in the selection of gf foods available, not only is gf food over priced but the quality and taste isn’t there and the manufacturers think they can charge premium prices for example £5 for a fajita kit when the regular ones retail at less than £3.

This is all they had on the shelves for gf and free from foods, they did however have the new gf hobnob biscuits which retail at £2.19 and the normal ones are on offer at £1 at the minute (i refused to pay that much for 8 biscuits) and the freezer section was just as dissapointing with 1 section of free from food to buy!

I did get these from my trip to Tesco,which where new from Newburn bakery which is part of the Warburtons brand the crumpets are £2 and you only get 4 in the pack ( i have had 1 of these and they where very dry and had no taste they would need to be disguised with baked beans or an egg) i won’t be buying them again.

I got my usual Schar ciabattas and Yorkshire puddings plus they had the pizza bases back in store as they had taken these off the shelves for a while as we once complained about them going mouldy before being opened and they where still in date to be used.

Overall my shopping trip at Tesco was the same as usual i could only get a few bits from there then had to go to Morrisons afterwards to get the rest.

I do however want to just make people aware of an item i bought by a brand called Genius they do a lot of gf breads and cakes, i bought the pitta breads by them and they went mouldy within 2 days of them being opened and i kept them in a sealed bag they had 15 days remaining on them before they ran out of date, i did complain to the company and they just apologised, I won’t buy from there brand again.

I took these photos on the 2nd august the best before date was the 17th august.

My advice to anyone else suffering like me with gf allergiesis:

  •  I would start baking your own food and breads as you know whats going in them and it will be more cost effective than paying for the brands names and not getting the quality or taste you would expect.
  • Look online for the foods directly and try ocado the online delivery store as they have a huge selection and some offers as well.
  • Always read and check the labels of every item you buy as we dont know what we could be eating and poisoning our bodies with.
  • Not all gf foods are together in store for example pom bear crisps are gf but remain on the crisp isle, just check the backs of packaging it will state if its gluten free or suitable for vegetarians and so on.

I am keen to know of any other gf brands out there which make a nice loaf or cobs/rolls as i am struggling living without this in my life.

Thanks for reading x


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