What i have bought this month so far! Shopping

Back in July i did a blog on items i had bought that month and my favourite pieces!

So here is some of what i have already bought myself this month!

Like every woman you can never have too many of anything and we will always find room in our drawers and wardrobes for new clothes, bags, shoes or accessories.

I have been needing new tops more than anything this month as in england the weather is always unpredicatable and never hot enough for a cami top and shorts, i need tops with short sleevs or basic t-shirts, i am not gonna lie ive struggled to find them, that was until i went on a site i have never got anything from before and thought ide give it ago which was.


I got next day delivery for free.

The xoxo top was £4.80 and the rock n rool top was £3.60 i got them both in a size small.

This is another top i got from them this month, i love this and it was also £4.80 in a small with the print saying (Girl Gang) the tops are really cheap and good quality i was very suprised and i would buy from them again.

I also got a new jumper from Primark which i love and was £12, i got it in a size 10 as i like jumpers looser and they tend to shrink in the wash.

This is what’s on the front of the jumper (NASA).

This is the back of the jumper.

This is me wearing it last week as i am always cold even though its august and meant to be known as summer time.

I obviously bought more make up as i cant seem to help myself at the minute, thats where majority of my money is going.

I treated myself to some new lipsticks from Nyx, Freedom makeup and Avon.

The Nyx range is huge and has a shade and colour to suit everyone, they do matte and gloss lipsticks and are affordable at £5.50 each, i got (Stockholm and Tiramisu) from boots.

This is my nude lipstick from Freedom and was super cheap at £1 yes £1! from tambeauty.com

I have loved Avon make up ever since i was at school and they have got so many nice bits in at the minute, i got these 2 on offer the gloss was £1.99 in perfect nude and the lipstick was £4.50 in pout.

I also invested in some bio-oil as i have bad stretch marks due to my weight constantly being up and down with my illness and i have lost alot of weight from my boobs going from a 34dd to a 32c and i am really self concious with it, it wasn’t cheap at £7.40 a bottle but i have heard nothing but good things about it, it says on the box to use it twice a day for 3 months and thats exactly what i will do.

Another new item i got was this Jimmy Choo perfume in Flash its a 100ml bottle and was from amazon.com at £29.99, i love this smell and it stays on me all day unlike other perfumes i use.

And finally my favourite item so far for this month has got to be my makeup revolution eyeshadow palette at just £10 it was half price for a limited time only and i had to get one at that price from tambeauty.com

I have used this everyday since its arrived and the selection of colours is amazing they last all day they have a shimmer to them when on, they also blend well together when i mix them, i just love this brand of makeup and this product and i will defiantly buy more in the future.

This is all i have got so far this month doesn’t seem that much now to be honest but a trip to meadowhall this week is much needed and hopefully i can get some new pieces from there.

Thanks for reading x


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