Classic Gluten Free Butterfly Cakes

Woke up this morning and thought to myself ” i am gonna bake butterfly cakes today” and that’s what i have done.

I used to make these in the summer holidays at my grandma’s house and sit and eat them with my grandad so nobody else could get a look in, but i always saved 1 for my mum and dad.

This however is the 1st time I’ve put jam in them and (wow) they are so scrummy and delicious i had 2 in 1 go! greedy i know but i made 12 and they are obviously Gluten Free so they won’t make me poorly.

I followed another basic recipe for vaniila sponge cakes I’ll post it below, it made exactly 12 cakes for me and thats more than enough for us, obviously if you wanted to make more just double the ingredients.

I dusted mine with some icing sugar too give that typical butterfly cake look.

I used strawberry jam in my cakes but i do prefer raspberry jam except we didn’t have any in the house, but i will use that for next time.

Here’s a picture of the cakes once decorated, ready to indulge with a nice cup of tea.

If i do say so myself i am getting good at this baking and its defiantly a new interest and hobby for me, I love seeing the finished product and the taste test is my favourite part.

Lots more baking again for me this week i am going to do some choc chip muffins and some salted caramel cookies, keep a look out for those blogs to come.

Thanks for reading x


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