Lotus Biscoff cakes with a Gluten Free Sponge

Fridays are for baking, well any day is for me when i am my own boss and get some spare time.

Being allergic to everything yummy is very hard and i have to have strong willpower not to give in to temptation and then become ill, as to me Gluten and Wheat are my poison an what makes me so poorly.

Making my own cakes and cookies is my way of still eating everything i love and never getting ill or looking 6months pregnant when having a cake from costa.

Today i have made as a special request from my family Lotus Biscoff Gluten Free cakes, i can eat the sponge but not the icing so i made myself some sprinkle cakes again that are all Gluten Free and yummy for me.

I followed the same cake recipe i always use, i will add it below for you to follow.

As mentioned on previous blogs i only use Doves Farm Gluten Free flours, i will link the website below for you to have a look at.


For the icing i used my usual butter cream icing recipe and just added 2 heaped tablespoons of biscoff smooth spread and mixed it all together.

I had seen these cakes on Pinterest and Zoella (youtube’s favourite blogger) had previously made a biscoff cake and wanted to give it a go.

on Pinterest they look like this.

Mine however doesn’t look this good as I’m still not the best at icing and decorating them, but i will keep practising (practise makes perfect).

Looking good!

And the finished result of my sprinkle cakes on the left and everyone else’s lotus cakes to the right.

They look so yummy! Lotus need to make gluten free biscuits as they smell so good.

I made a couple of cakes in my tea cup and saucer moulds my grandma bought me a few years ago.

These cupcake mould where from b&m bargains a few years a go and weren’t exspensive.

Give these a try even if you aren’t gluten free they are so tasty and better than the Oreo cakes i made last week according to my partner Dan.

Thanks for reading x


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