Gluten Free Rock Buns ( Yes i made these)

I have been in the kitchen a lot over the last few days experimenting and baking again.

I used to make rock buns when i was younger and i always loved them, i told Dan (my partner) how good i was at making them, and he has been begging me for over a year to make him some and finally i did this week.

I only like raisins in mine as i am not a fan of sultanas, so i made him some raisin gluten free rock buns and OMG I forgot how good they where.

The recipe was super easy to follow and in total it made about 12 rock buns of a generous size.

As always when baking i use Doves Farm flour they have a huge selection of Gluten Free baking items on there website or available to buy in most supermarkets, i will link the website below for you to have a look.

Here is the finished batch of buns once cooled all i did was added a sprinkle of sugar to them when they where cooling.

They had a typical rock bun texture to them with the insides being soft and crumbling when eating it, i enjoyed mine with a cup of tea.

Give them a go they are super tasty, really easy to make and  you can add anything to them if you didn’t like certain dried fruit, i may try dried cranberries next time.

Thanks for reading x


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