My Wedding plans on a budget

I have wrote a blog already on weddings and now I’m writing a 2nd blog about the subject as i am in the process of getting married and planning a wedding thats right for us and our needs not our guests.

I have purchased my wedding shoes and dress today I am excited for them to arrive as I’ve  never tried them on together so don’t know what it will look like, I just have an image in my head.

I always wanted nicer shoes than my dress and wanted to be able to wear them again unlike the dress which will sit in a box in the loft and collect dust, i have a stunning engagement ring as i will wear it everyday for the rest of my life and i want a beautiful honeymoon with my husband to be sharing amazing memories only we have together.

This is my engagement ring after it was cleaned.

Shoes by Sophia Webster from the Bridal range. (Wifey for Lifey)

I hate trying anything on when i go shopping as changing rooms don’t have the most flattering mirrors and are very small spaces, I am looking forward to trying it on together in my home in front of my own mirrors that don’t lie to me unlike sales assistants in stores.

I was reading up on weddings and i am in shock for how much money people spend on weddings the average wedding in the Uk costs £24,000 and in America its $26,000, what i want to know is do people spend that much to show off and impress there guests or do they do it because they want to have an incredible day and moneys no object and they have saved for this day all there lives?

Lets put it this way if i cant buy it cash i wont have it i would never get in debt for something like a wedding as a couple of my cousins did this and they are now divorced and still paying the wedding off!

I think a lot of people forget that its just a piece of paper at the end of the day and that should be the most important thing to you, I adore my fiancé and love him more than anyone and i know the most important thing for us it making our wedding special and personal as its about us and nobody else, we don’t want it to be overshadowed by a brass band or extravagant decorations and food as thats not us. (each to there own)

Just because my weddings not going to cost lots of money doesn’t mean its not going to be nice, i will still have a memorable day with the man i love and we will become a team and be husband and wife which is just perfect for us.

I have been looking for inspiration on Pinterest for ideas and how to do a lot of the work myself i.e. bouquets, favours, signs and accessories. 

I made my own save the dates and hen party invites as I’m not having any bridesmaids to attend the wedding, these are what i made below.

The save the date Invites.

My Hen Party Invites made by me.

I am really pleased with these as i have my own business in designing and creating signs, cards and invitations, they don’t cost the earth they are really easy to do and anyone can do it.

I am going to make my own bouquet too as a friend of mine did hers and it was stunning for her wedding in cypress, I will just go and buy fake flowers and create my own as it be cheaper than paying a florist to make it.

This is what i will create and make below.

Who knew there was that many different varieties for having a bouquet. 

I picked up this exact bunting from tk maxx in the sale for £3 and it will be perfect for us.

We have a colour scheme which is a blush pink and navy, my partner will wear something very similar to this for the wedding.

Everyone is different to me a lot of people i know have had large exspensive weddings and only a few have had very small diy ones on a budget which have been nicer in my opinion than the other ones as its about the couple and not the centre pieces or 6 tier cake on display that nobody gets a piece of.

This is whats most important to me.

Thanks for reading x


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