My Review on Makeup Revolution Products

I am gonna put this out there now, I am not claiming to be a makeup artist or have amazing skills of transforming myself, but i do enjoy trying new makeup and especially when its not overpriced like a few brands out there.

I have always loved makeup since being in senior school and when i started working in a department store at 17 i would go and have my makeup done regularly on the counters by my friends at Benefit, Guerlain and Bobbie brown and my love for makeup grew.

I am not the type of person to spend obscene amounts on new makeup products or buy it simply for the brand and name, just because its a bronzer at £30+ doesn’t mean its any better than one you could get from boots at £10 or less.

I have seen a lot about this brand Makeup Revolution all over the internet and wanted to give it ago, they have some really nice products on offer from palettes, shimmers, strobing products, lipsticks and more.

I have looked on numerous of sites to buy it and came across Superdrug being the main stockist in store, but online they didn’t have all the items i wanted, i then decided to look on Amazon and eBay but people are making money on all the items and didnt want to pay more than what its worth, I then came across a website called tambeauty and thats where i ended up getting my items from.

I will link the website below for anyone wanting to try the brand, it came within two days of ordering and had all the items i wanted. 

Lets get to it with what i ended up buying and my thoughts on the packaging, products and pricing.

  • Ultra blush palette in Golden sugar this was £6

I love the selection of blushes there are 8 in total and i have used the darker ones for contouring with the white shade as the highlighter at the top of my cheekbones, this is great for taking on holidays and for bronzing on top of a tanned face or to wear throughout the summer months.

  • Redemption palette iconic 3 this was £4

This reminds me of the Naked 3 palette that came out a couple of years ago except a lot cheaper it has similar colours with the pinks, bronzes, and dark purple shades, i have used a couple of the shades today on my eyes and it applies really nice and evenly, it doesn’t feel heavy on my eyes and its has a shimmer to it, it does come with a applicator but I used my own eyeshadow brush to apply.

  • Shimmer brick radiant this was £3

I think this is my favourite out of all the items i got as i love a shimmer brick and used to always buy the one from Bobbi Brown at £30+ this is really nice on the skin it leaves a glimmer and shine to the cheeks and the colours work well with my skin tone, i am always light to medium on my face and this was 1 of 2 shimmer bricks they sell.

  • Makeup revolution Nude lipstick at £1 and The Chauffeur lipstick at £3

I love wearing a nude lipstick during the day time as its more natural looking, i always apply lipstick on top of concealer as it tones down my natural lip colour and the lipstick lasts for longer that way u find, these two shades are very similar how they look on and how they feel when worn, if anything i like the cheaper nude one more as its a little more pinkier.

My overall experience with the products and brand; 

I am very pleased with the quality of product for the affordable price point, the packaging is really nice and clean looking, its not in your face or trying to be something its not, the quality of the makeup is really good and worth every penny, i will continue to buy more products from this brand and will look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

Go and give it a try x


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