Gluten Free Cupcakes ( with Oreos) made by me

I said i was going to bake again this weekend but i got impatient and decided to do it this afternoon when i had some spare time.

I have seen these alot on pinterest and youtube and thought i would give them ago, i mean who dosnt like Oreo’s?

Oreo cupcakes it is for todays blog i followed another recipe online as i wanted the sponge to rise more than the first time i baked fairy sprinkle cakes last weekend.

I will add the ingredients i used and the method below for if anyone wants to try them out for yourselfs.

I also took some photos along the way of baking to show you how i got on.

Here are some of the items i used to bake with today, i really like this gluten free flour from Doves farm its available in most supermarkets and less than £2, the baking powder is also gluten free and i got it from Morrisons.

I was unsure how many packs of Oreo’s i would need but they where on offer for 50p per pack and i used 2 and a half packs in total.

Adding the cake mixture on top of the oreo’s i chose to fill them quite close to the top.

I bashed up half a pack of Oreo’s in a sealed sandwich bag to add into the butter icing late on.

I know it doesn’t look much but the icing is oreo flavour with crunchy biscuit pieces in.

Once waiting for them to cool i added the final touches with the icing and then Oreo’s broken in half on top.

This is the finished cupcakes once decorated, I am not the best at icing but i think i like them looking not even or smooth.

This was my first look of the cake out of the case and i am super happy with how it turned out.

This is inside the cake and its delicious i can’t over indulge on these, but they are scrummy and you need to try them for yourselfs.

The recipe for the Oreo butter cream is;

  1. 75g unsalted butter
  2. 175g icing sugar
  3. 1/2 pack Oreo’s (smashed up)
  4. A few drops of vanilla extract
  5. A tsp of milk 

I mixed the butter until it was creamy and light, then added the icing sugar and mixed it all together adding the vanilla extract and milk along with the smashed up Oreo’s, mix all together until it changes colour and evenly mixed, then add to each cake for the topping.

I hope you like this Gluten free recipe, as you may know i am not a fan of baking but my love for cake and cookies is something i can’t go without having these allergies i have got to gluten and wheat,now i get to bake them for myself without getting poorly.

Thanks for reading and i will be cooking more over the weekend i am sure + i am doing a shopping haul next week so keep a look out for that. x


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