Easy Peasy Gluten Free white chocolate chip cookies 

I am enjoying this baking malarky far to much.

When i was at school i hated cookery lesson i used to take in a jam swiss roll and just decorate it and pass it off as my own, how times have changed.

I must see for a beginner in baking i am doing quite well, all the cakes and cookies I’ve made so far have been tasty and edible and enjoyed by family and friends. 

Today i decided to make gluten free white choc chip cookies but i wanted to change the recipe a little bit as the ones i made last week where a bit sugary for me and i wanted to adapt the recipe with the sugar content.

Here is the recipe i used to make my cookies today.

I took pictures of my cooking process throughout the baking and making of these.

  • Some of the ingredients i used.

  • When i put them in the oven they made about 15-20 cookies.

  • Just before i took them out the oven, looking lightly golden.

This is just before i took them out the oven to cool down, but if you cant wait 1 still warm is yummy with some ice cream.

Here is the final picture for the cookies accompanied with a nice glass of milk or cup of tea.

If anyone has heard of Millie’s cookies these taste just like them and are even more delicious if i do say so myself.

I will be doing more baking at the weekend and its going to be some yummy Oreo cupcakes, i will post the pictures with the recipe i use.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and thank you for reading x



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