Gluten Free sprinkle fairy cakes made by me

I said i was going to start baking more as i like the idea of it but just don’t have much patients when it comes to measuring ingredients, mixing the batter or even decorating once cooled.

I followed a super easy recipe for fairy cakes which took no time at all to prepare the mix, i found the recipe online and i will post it below for anyone who wants to give these ago.

This is how i imagined them to look once baked and decorated.

I am no Mary Berry in the kitchen but because of my allergies to foods i need to start helping myself by baking from scratch and making foods i miss but can now enjoy all gluten free and i know they wont harm my stomach or make me poorly.

I followed it step by step but made 2 alterations which was the butter i added 120g instead of 150g and 6 tbsps of milk.

This is the process of my cakes rising in my oven which took about 12 minutes.

For the icing recipe i wanted butter cream icing i was going to use food colouring as i have pink in the cupboard but it said in bold may contain traces of gluten so didn’t want to rick it.

This was also easy and straight forward to follow i added a few drops of vanilla and 1 tsp f milk when mixing.

Once i gave my cakes time to cool i then got to decorating them i haven’t got any fancy gadgets or piping bags i just put a tsp amount of icing on the cake (not neatly) as i then pressed the caked into 100s and 1000s or sprinkles (whichever you know them to be called) into a bowl and it gave an even coverage to the cake.

See photos below of me covering the cakes in sprinkles.

The grand reveal of the finished products!

Always nice to enjoy with a cup of tea, give it ago and make some for yourself.

(I had to put some m&m’s on some as my partner doesn’t like sprinkles, he decorated his own).

Next item to bake (well its not really baking it will be the unicorn marble chocolate bark) heres a image below to show you what it can look like.

Picture is from Pinterest search unicorn bark.


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