Fashion for less (must haves)

This is for all the girls who love fashion and want to do it on a budget this is my guide of how to do it without costing the earth and still having change.

I love clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and i do have expensive taste but i do have the money for it, so i shop around a lot and this requires patients and persistence. 

I do buy from the high street and have some designer labels in my wardrobe but they are key pieces that can see me throw different trends and seasons.

I love Zara, Topshop, h&m and of course Primark.

These shops all have key pieces and similar trends but if you are on a budget and don’t want to pay lots for them then my advice is eBay (Yes eBay).

I can be sat on my iPad for hours searching through eBay for fashion and key pieces which are £50 in Zara they are on eBay for £10 or less.

Here are some finds from eBay which are on trend now and available in most high street stores for a lot more.


The denim jacket is £16 

The long silk style bomber jacket is £19

The pink bird bomber jacket is £7


These sunglasses all vary in price starting from £3-6 per pair just search fashion sunglasses on eBay I have a lot of sunglasses from eBay here are mine below.

These are sold on a lot of fashion sites starting from £15 for exactly the same ones, don’t pay over the odds for something you can get cheaper for the same quality.


Another fashion trend and must have for summer and autumn is the choker, they are really nice with t-shirts or v neck tops and dresses, i have a nice collection below starting from 99p – £2 all eBay again.

Patches are another big trend for autumn and i would recommend getting creative with a needle and thread and sewing your own on denim jackets or jeans.

(Both images are from Pinterest)

I got my patches from eBay at 99p each and they have a huge selection and take about 10 days to arrive from china but worth the wait as its more of a custom design instead of one everyone else can buy from a store.

I love pineapples and my name starts with an A plus i really liked the sugar skull design too.

My final item i love and loads of celebrities have is a marble effect phone case with their initials on, I’ve seen them online for £15 – £20 but i didn’t want to pay that much so found one on eBay for £5.99 and its personalised exactly the same and will be delivered to me this week.

Search marble phone cases and it will come up these are available for most phones.

This is my personalised phonecase and i love it. bang on trend.

Get searching online for a bargain you wont regret it plus it means more money to spend on more things.

Thanks for reading x


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