My favourite Gluten Free brands and food

If you are new to being diagnosed with celiac disease or having gluten and wheat allergies then don’t worry, i have a list of food brands that i love and foods i regularly eat.

Some of the items are available only in america but can be bought from amazon but they are a little more pricey to what they are in stores, i found all gluten and wheat free foods are so much more expensive compared to normal foods, like a loaf of bread in the uk is about 75p for the gluten free version its £2-3 but shops know us with the allergies have to pay it!

The mark up on gf foods are disgusting if you ask me and i get so annoyed and frustrated how my food shops are £30-40 a week and thats just for my food not including normal food items for my partner.

When i visited florida back in June i was like a big kid in a candy store with the selection of gf foods there available in Walmart, target and publix it was so nice to see different varieties and brands plus they weren’t overpriced unlike the uk.

Here are some brand i loved in the Us and wish i could get here in the Uk;

Udi’s make the nicest gf pizzas I’ve eaten in a long time + they do frozen meals, cakes, muffins, cookies, bread rolls and much more (all nice and yummy).

Ronzoni is the BEST gf pasta I’ve ever tasted and it was so cheap per box at $1.50 i stocked up and bought some home with me, these are on amazon to buy but very pricey.

Here in the uk the selection is awful and basic to whats available for us, i have to shop at more than one supermarket for the items i like, i will list below what supermarkets stock foods i like and don’t like.


  • They have nice chocolate brownies (thats it)

All the rest of morrisons gluten free food is not pleasant the pasta is gloppy and doesn’t cook well, the bread rolls aren’t nice either. 


  • They have nice butterfly cakes and biscuits

Same as Morrisons the Adsa bread and pasta isn’t nice and the selections small.


  • They do the best gf pasta in the uk and pizza bases (but the pizza bases are never in stock when i go) plus nice lemon cake slices.
  • The gluten free nuggets are expensive at £4 a bag and the gluten free meals are £3 each and not tasty.


  • They do ok pasta not as good as tesco’s they have nice wraps but are £3 each per pack!
  • The gf pizzas are to greasy and don’t cook nice i wouldn’t recommend them.

All these supermarkets are close to me and don’t cater well for gluten free products.

Brands that are available in the uk but limited in the selection and who stocks them.

Amy’s kitchen are mainly frozen foods and they do nice mac n cheese and vegetable lasagne.

Schar is the No1 gluten free brand in europe! 

  • This brand has good pizza bases £3 for a pack of 2.
  • They also do nice ciabatta rolls and panini rolls £2.50 per pack.

I would suggest looking at the products online and searching stockist close by or you can buy the items from amazon and other sites.

I am not going to lie i really struggle with food and what i eat daily its not because i am fussy its because my body rejects alot of things i used to love, I am unable to eat alot of meat, fruit or salad as it makes me really poorly.

For food recipes and ideas i would recommend looking on Pinterest or getting some gluten free cook books as this is what i have done.

I will get to baking again this week and post a blog with how its gone.


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