Life begin’s at 30

5 months time i will be 30 years old, yet i feel about 22 and act like a big child that never wants to grow up, a girl version of peter pan some would say, i always get asked for i.d when i go out (but thats not much anymore) i can still fit in children’s clothes especially from next age 11-12 fits a treat! 

People always say you get better looking with age, yet i don’t look like I’ve aged for a good few years.

Yesterday it dawned on me that i will be 30 this year in December and this will be my last year in my 20’s and my last year with my maiden name (exciting but scary all at the same time).

My mum asked me what i would like for my 30th as its not just a normal birthday, I had a diamond ring at 18 and at 21 all i wanted was clothes and Vivienne Westwood jewellery as that was all the rage back then with orb earrings and necklaces, so for this birthday i have no clue what to have i have been browsing the internet for ideas and getting nowhere.

I thought about a handbag that i would never buy myself but i cant justify that kind of money to sit in my wardrobe when i get bored of it, i then thought of a watch but i have a rolex already and don’t need another (i am clueless what to have).

Here are some things i like but unsure of as they are pricey and i get bored easy.

Because its in December and so close to christmas and new year its hard to plan anything as it always snows, or people have no money or spend it at family gatherings they don’t want to attend, or save up for new years eve as thats always a costly night.

I did always want to go away for my birthday to New York but its far to exspensive and it will be too cold for me (as I’m allergic to cold) I would rather have 2 birthdays like the queen an official one and then one later in the year when the weathers better.

I am not a fan of parties and being the centre of attention (i am too private for that)and don’t like lots of fuss or anything too big or over the top + i am allergic to most foods at a buffet so i wouldn’t be able to indulge on the selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls or chocolate eclairs.

Alot of people make a list of 30 things they want to do before they turn 30 and i do think this is a good idea but I’m leaving it too late to get 30 things done so i am going to make a list of things to do in my 1st year of turning 30, I have a few things i want to put on my list but i need to make them realistic (winning the lottery and going to space wont make the cut).

Heres some of my own 30 things in my 30th year to do list;

  • Go to Monaco
  • Go to a F1 grand prix
  • Get another tattoo
  • Become Mrs Shaw
  • Visit key west in Florida
  • Watch an NBA game
  • Try and get tickets to watch Ellen Degeneres show
  • Go for afternoon tea 

Thats just a few i can think of off the top of my head.

Who says by the age of 30 you should be married have kids, a mortgage and settle in a career, this isn’t the case for me as i am far from wanting children, Im still not settled in a career i can truly say i love and want to do for the next 35 years, i just don’t want to settle and regret my life and give up my dreams and goals just to have a ok job and a couple of kids.

Im not worrying about turning the big three o and if anything I’m looking forward to my 30s as my 20s went way to quick and i wish i would have done more in them years so I’m gonna try and do the things i didn’t do then and make up for it.

The count down is on and i am excited for whats to come, before we know it December will be here and i will be needing botox (this will never happen i hope, i want to grown old gracefully and retire in florida).

Heres to my last few months being 29!


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