Gluten Free Cookies that don’t taste like potatoes

Its all in the title.

I am not one for baking cakes, cookies or anything sweet as it never turnes out right when i try.

As some of you may know i am allergic to gluten, wheat and some dairy foods and have to be careful when eating out or even at home for that matter.

I followed and pin a lot of gluten free foods and recipes on Pinterest and think to myself that looks yummy or really easy to make ill give it ago.

Thats exactly what I’ve decided to do today, i went shopping yesterday for all my gluten free ingredients and thought i want to bake cookies and funfettie cupcakes like the ones i love at (sprinkles cupcakes in America) and unable to find anywhere in the uk half as nice!

My favourite cupcake ever Sprinkles in the usa.

I got some recipes from Pinterest and followed them to the point step by step, and i must say the m&m choc chip cookies I’ve made today are delicious and taste like cookies and not potatoes, i am known for making bad potatoe tasting cookies in the past to the point my parents dog would turn his nose up at them (we all know dogs eat anything) but not this dog he was not a fan of my baking skills.

For my 1st attempt at ever making gluten free cookies i am impressed with how good they have turned out and cant wait to make more sweet treats, as i love a cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts anything sweet thats bad for me i like.

Here is a picture i took from Pinterest of what they are meant to look like when baked.

This is the recipe i followed for making my Gluten free m&m choc chip cookies.

  • I would suggest using 100g of choc chips and 100g of small m&m’s as this is what i did and it worked.
  • This recipe makes about 24 cookies in totals which is a lot but they are delicious and even better with a glass of milk or a cup of tea.
  • I baked my cookies for 10-12 minutes as they where still gooey after 7 minutes like the steps tell you. 

This is a picture of my final cookies once cooled down.

Depending where you shop for food and groceries most supermarkets stock the ingredients you need, i got mine from my local Morrisons and they have a gluten free section for baking and flours etc.

Give these a try as they are easy to bake and great fun to get children involved in baking and mixing.

I will attempt funfettie cupcakes at the weekend and will put my efforts up with photos for you all to see.


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