My favourite must have home accessories

Ok so i thought i would do a list of must haves for the home and adding accessories and colour to your rooms.

I love interiors, home accessories, furnishings, fabrics, cushions, throws and anything for the house.

I am currently in the process of moving house again and i cant wait until i get to start with a blank canvas on our new home so i can redecorate it and change the theme and colours to suit the next house.

I have previously wrote and added some photos of my home and how its decorated with a list of some of the items and where they are from along with the prices.

I have been obsessed with home interiors and design for many years and i love dressing homes and making them look like a show home or staged, i did visual merchandinsing for a couple of well known stores a few years ago and love designing and creating scenes and this is what i do when im lucky enough to do it for other people in their homes.

I am currently doing some designing for a family member and ive been doing some mood boards and colour themes for a few of the rooms, as this is a great place to start when you want to redecorate or design a blank canvas.

I get alot of ideas from pinterest or a show in america called (fixer upper) which is a great way of showing you how you can turn a shed into a dream home, so take a look at this show or get some inspo from pinterest and create your own styles and boards on there.

Here are a few of my favourite pins from pinterest where i got some inspo for colour themes and trends in the home;

These are the colour schemes i went for in the whole of my house, ive got hessian on my walls with a natural pebble both from b&q they are a warmer tone to the normal ivory most houses are painted.

Here are a few accessoreis ive found on some websites which are still available to buy and on trend;

These lamps are available from The Range are the one on the left is what i have in my house, i have 2 on my sideboard and i would always suggest 2 lamps on a sideboard as it just makes it more of a feature and makes it more uniform looking.

These are from B&M bargains they are really cheap and bang on trend + they look alot more exsepnsive than they are, i would get a couple for extra seating or to put in a dressing room.

These mirror tables are stunning they are from Zara home online and a great investemnt piece as they wont go out of fashion, these would look good next to the bed 1 with a lamp the other with a candle on it.

This mirror is from Dunelm and a great buy i also have this above my bed and it looks great, 3 of these in a row would look good in a dining room or if your hallway was big enough you could put them above a side table as a feature when you walked in.

I also love pink and grey colours together and i think i may use them in my next home on my dressing room or spare room, heres some examples from pinterest to get you inspired.

I love these pink colours they arent princess pinks or really in your face they are suttle and i class them as blush pinks.

I love this idea of a dressing area really girly with ikea malm furniture and a pink cushion and pink wall with accessories.

This is also another dressing area this is more grey with pink detaling like the throw and the accessories, they sell a mirror similar to this in b&m bargains for £3.99 as i have one in my office in grey.

This isnt pink but its a coral colour which is lovely with blue as it makes the blue pop, i will definitley try this colour way out in my office in my new home with some rose gold accessories.

Her are some pink accessories i saw online at some stores that are great for introducing pinks or fabrics and patterns into a room.

Thes cushions are from Matalan they also have some other pink accessories for the home, i would get a couple of these and put them in the bedroom behind my pillows to make them pop with a nice duvet cover that contrasts it well.

These ones are from Zara home and are more of a bronze metalic pink colour way, they are more exspensive than the matalan ones and smaller in size, but still nice to add a pop of colour or statement.

The silver baskest are from Mataln also and are great for a dressing table or an office they also come in a rose gold/ copper colour, i think these will sell out so dont miss out on a bargain.

My final bit of the blog is about walls, most poeple leave them blank or hang a canvas, i really like photo walls, or a wall of different sized mirrors or signs which are personal to you.

I like this idea on pinterest and there are lots of shops you can pick similar bits and signs up from like homesense, the range, matalan, ebay and car boots are a good place to get shabby chic signs and mirrors from.

I havent really gone in to kitchen colurways or styles as i believe the kitchen is the selling point of any home and the main room people entertain now days, my kitchen and dining room is all open plan and i love it that way.

I would personally have a grey or white kitchen with cooper accessories for my next home as i just love the colour ways.

Here is some cooper accessories from Next home which are recently on trend for the kitchen.

Her are some other ideas of grey,white and cooper kitchens accessories from pinterest.

Some of these cooper accessories can be bought from home bargains, b&m and Next.

I like this with the pop of cooper/ rose gold lights in the kitchen.

This is how i would have my kitchen mix grey and white.

And finally this image is an american kitchen which are always nicer than ours in the uk and i have always wanted an island, hopefully ill have one in my next home.

Thats all for this blog on home accessories and must haves, dont be affraid to use grey or pinks in your homes.

Always have a feature in every room and a statement accessorie, mix and match with accessories and use pops of colours and fabrics and patterns.


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