The wizarding world of Harry Potter

Firstly i will start by telling you i have never read the Harry Potter books, i have only seen the films, my mum loves the books and has always been a big fan, when we found out they where building a Harry Potter world in Florida i thought this will be insane as everyhting is there.

Having been to florida a few times over the years i was excited to visit Unviersal studios and Islands of adventure to see what they had created, the first time i saw hogwarts i was just stood thinking (wow) it was huge and so real looking, and to think there was a ride inside was even better, ( i will list the rides later on in the blog).

I was lucky enough to treat my mum on her birthday a few years ago and take her to the harry potter tour here in the uk, which has all the stes, costumes, props etc from the original films, it was a great day out and so much to see, my favourite thing in the whole tour was seeing Harrys house and then Hogwarts as it was emotional to look it, it was simply stunning.

I will post a few photos from the Warner Brother studios Harry Potter tour in the uk if you are a fan and haven’t been i would recommend going, i didnt know what everything was i saw but it was still a fun day out and you can ride a broom and dress up, i will drop the link below with the website of where to buy your tickets from they have gone up since i went in price and are about £35 each per adult over the age of 16 you do how ever need to book in advance.

This is just a selection of the photos i took when i went to WB Harry Potter studio tour.

There is a fun souvenir gift shop at the end of the tour its a little pricey, i got the program book and that was £10 and a magnet which was £4.

Next i will tell you about Harry Potter land in Florida its just amazing and has a wow factor.

There is two parks with two seperate bits of the hp land to visit, the 1st park is Islands of adventure hogsmeade with hogwarts as the main attration and the train station there are also a few rides in this park one is inside of hogwarts.

The rides at this park are;

  • Harry potter and the forbidden journey
  • Flight of the hippogriff
  • Dragon challenge

They do all have height restrictions and there are lockers to store your personal belongings whilst on these rides.

I went on the Harry potter forbidden journey ride and it was very good but a little scary at times, and does throw you around so if you get motion sickenss i would’nt recommend that this ride is for you.

Another great bit of the park is the train ride from hogsmeade to kings cross station at universal studios, i dont want to ruin it for everyone but the train journey isnt just any normal journey.

Hogwarts at Islands of adventure Orlando Flroida.

This is a map to show you the 2 sections of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley in the 2 theme parks.

Hogwarts express i had to take this image fom a video recording i have of it arriving in the station.

When you go to the other section after getting off the train you arrive in kings cross station, there are buskers singing and playing guitars there is a coffee and sandwiche shop,you feel like your in london (except your in florida as the weather is hot and not cold or rainy).

1st thing you see is the triple decker purple knight bus which you can have your picture taken next to it, there are lovely london town houses with a red telephone box on the pavement, you then go behind a brick wall (i thought it was an entrance to the toilets) but it was diagon alley and yet again another WOW! the cobbled streets the shops the gringotts bank everything was just like the film but better.

There is only 1 ride at this park for HP and its called Harry Potter and the escape from gringotts this was my favourite ride in the park it was like a mini run away train style roller coaster inside, height restrictions apply again for this ride.

The shops however at diagon alley where really fun there was olivanders for your wands, weasleys wizard wheezes, quality quidditch for clothing, magical menagerie for stuffed toys and owls + many more.

These are a few images of the knight bus, diagon alley and the platform sign.

I would highly recommend visiting both of these parks to experience how amzing they are and all the works thats gone into every little detail, from the windows, doors, the cobbled streets the train, shops the butter beer the list is endless.

A park pass for these parks are $100 each per person, i would suggest buy them in advance or online you may get a small discount.

Hope this may help for anyone looking at visiting here in the uk or florida.


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