Playing dress up in life never stops

This is a little different to other blogs i have written before.

Ive decided every month i will upload a fashion/ style blog about my favourite purchases of that month and abit about them.

Even though its july I am gonna mix my june and july buys into this blog, as i bought some bits from florida last month and then a few things in the sale the past week.

I am that person that sees a nice top and will always buy it in black, i love black clothes even in summer time, i dont suit white or patterned clothes and tend to stick to safe colours like black or stripes.

Ive struggled this time of year with the summer sale, as much as i love clothes and fashion i dislkike going to shopping centres and browsing the rails, i would prefer to do it from the comfort of my own home sat in my pjs on my ipad with a cuppa tea.

I have a mixture of primark, zara, topshop and designer brands in my wardrobe and i love a bargain or a decent fake handbag especially the ones from Karama in Dubai who have the best fakes of all designer brands going.

These are some of my favourite bits i got from Florida in June;

Kate Spade is my new favourite designer brand and i am obsessed with flamingos and saw these items in the premium outlet store, i got 80% off both items in dollars they cost me $85 for both items.

I also got these from one of the Nike outlets flyknit zoom trainers they where so cheap and i could not get them, they where $37 and here in the uk they are £140. 

My favoruite Florida buy was this Calvin Klein orange bag it had 90% off it and cost me $27 and it fits all my crap in i carry around.

 My latest buys this past week have been from my favourite shop Zara (all in the sale)

I got these 2 pairs of sandals at £12.99 each and the black bag with the chain strap for £15.99 i saved over £60 so i am very happy with these.

This is my latest purchase of the week and its a adidas stripe tshirt in black i got it from the adidas website as they had a size 8 and it was £21 i just hope it fits when it arrives.

This wraps it up for my june and july buys and i just wanted to share them with you.

All items apart from the ones i got in america are still all available to buy on the sites i mentioned.

Next blog will be about my love for home interiors.


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