My obsession for home interiors

This blog is abit about another love of mine which is interior design, i am a qualifide interior designer and have done some commisioning work for homes before and my dream job was to work as an interior stager for new homes and show homes.

I have always taken alot of pride in my home and design, i keep it very clean and im very ocd when it comes to where things go, i dont like anything out of place, i do have show coasters and then coasters that can be used for cups and glasses (yes im not normal but thats just me).

i wanted to share with you a glimpse of my home and my current interior and clolour scheme, i have used the same colours throughout the whole of the house which is grey, duck egg blue and cream, as i am not the type of person to have multiple colour rooms in my house!

Heres a few pictures from my home and i will list where some of the items are from.

My sofa is from Home base and its duck egg blue with a 2 seater and a snuggle chair.

The s blanket is from asda and its still available to buy online with any initial.

The butlers tray was from ebay and was really cheap at £19.99.

My lantern is from b&m bargains and was £6 it come in grey or white.

The crown candle holder is something i sell @crowndesigncreations and its £12.99 but we are currently out of stock.

The coasters are from Next home and where £12 for a set of 4 they are crackled silver.

The footstool in the middle is from dunelm and was £150 i got it in december and its one of my favourite items in my home.

The tray on the footstool is also dunelm and was £3 in the sale about 2years ago.

Patterned duck egg blue rug was a bargain from b&q and was marked down from £80 to £34.99 it also comes in a grey pattern.

Floating oak shelves are a set of 2 from b&m at £8 they also come in white.

The stars are from the range and are meant for the bathroom but i eanted them in the lounge they are £4 for the small and £6 for the big star.

The prints are what i make and design @crowndesigncreations and can be personalised.

A better view of my open plan living and dining room all cream and duck egg blue theme.

My stunning clock was in the sale about 5 years ago from a store called raspberry furniture store thats now closed down and it was £70.

The side board is from asda home and was really cheap compared to ones i saw in Next which looked the same, it was £100 and is a great size and good quality for the price.

My dining table wasnt exactly what i wanted as the one i liked was £700+ but it fits in the area and does the job, i dont remember where its from as my mum got it for us.

Another view of my dining room and lounge.

The two lamps are from the range and are £20.99 each they are a champagne metalic colour.

The silver mirror is from home sense and was a bargain at £20.

The glass champagne giant bauble on my side board is from tk maxx home section and was £16 i fell in love with it and wouldnt leave the store without it.

I believe my home does exactly this, i love how neat and clean it is and always get lovely comments on how nicely decorated it is, especially at the minute as its currently up for sale.

My favourite shops to buy home accessories from are;

  • Homesense (they have everything and anything at great prices)
  • B&M (cheap but looks good)
  • Zara home (abit pricey but nice)
  • Next home (over priced but some nice vases and candles)
  • Brambles pleasure and living (this is a shop close to where i live)
  • Sainsburys (especially at christmas)
  • Matalan (Nice cushions and kitchen accessories)

Another great place to find querky bits for the house are ebay, car boots and charity shops you would be amazed what you can get for a bargain.

I know some people would rather have a nice outfit or car, but i would rather buy bits for my house as thats when you come home from work you want to relax and unwind, i want my home to give off an impression its not lived in and theirs a place for everything, as a person i am very neat and tidy and hate mess, a clean house gives a clean mind i believe.


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