Up for sale and moving again…

Well what a weekend we have had, the house we currently live in went up for sale a week last Wednesday, (we currently rent and our landlords decided to sell up) we have had agents around taking photos of all my lovely furniture and decorating I have done to it since we have been here, their has been a fare few viewings on the house already which has meant one of us has had to be home when they come around to nosey!

As some of you will know from previous blogs my job for the last 2 years was being a real estate/ estate agent in Dubai and the U.K., I know how it works and what speak they tell people to get them around to view the house, when you rent you don’t have any rights as a tenant regarding the sale of the house, as we don’t own it we just pay a large amount of money every month to live here as mortgage and house prices are through the roof in the uk to be a home owner, so we can’t dictate when the viewings are.

Regarding the house being on many properties websites for everyone to see, what they are looking at isn’t the house it’s how it’s decorated and this is why most people view house 2-3 times as they never look at the size of it on the 1st viewing , everyone that has viewed so far has said “your home is lovely decorated” or  ” I love the colour scheme you have in the house it’s so clean.” I feel that my personal space is being invaded as they are looking at my belongings and furniture and they are coming into my my home even though I don’t own the house, so far there has been no offers on the house and lots more viewings lined up for the next week, I just want it to sell now and then we can look at moving elsewhere, and stop having people being nosey in the place we currently call home.

It’s all come out the blue for us, we where very happy living here and love the area, don’t get me wrong it’s fine for a rental but I would never buy it as a forever home as its too small if we did ever want a child! It’s 3 bed semi detached in a lovely village, area and houses around here tend to go quick due to a good school for children close by, the garden is a great size and a sun trap all day, what’s annoying is how thin the walls are and we can hear next doors tv, them banging around and talking + their cats think our garden is their toilet and I’m not a fan of cats! ( I won’t miss them when we move).

As for moving we are clueless we are unsure what we want to do and where we want to live, we both don’t want to buy a home in England as you can’t get anything for your money here and we don’t want to call it our home or set routes down here, we may move back in its my parents as it will be free to live their and we can save money but at the age we are I feel that may not work out, as we have lived away from home for 5yrs, and like our own space and the way we live, regards to renting again it’s dead money and the rental prices are too high here and the wages don’t reflect this.

We said we will sell all our furniture again and perhaps start again elsewhere in another country as we are still young, no ties or children, no debts to worry about or good careers so we have nothing to keep us here, we just hope it works out as we are making lots of enquirers and applying for jobs and sponsorship so hopefully something will come our way.

I believe everything happens for a reason and I think the house going up for sale is a kick up the bum for us to say ” go and live your life what have you got to lose” and that’s what we intend to do.


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