Planning a wedding for us and not our guests

November last year I was very lucky to wake up one morning with a beautiful Natalie k diamond engagement ring on my finger while I slept, I woke up thinking what’s that on my hand and then I looked at my hand and started to cry, I looked over at my partner and was so overwhelmed with being proposed too, it was perfect in my eyes, it was private and thoughtful and in the comfort of our home, no over the top gestures and champagne and thrills, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever best friend and marry him? How could I say no the ring was on my finger and I was over the moon to accept with the best man that I’ve ever meet, he had also been awake most of the night nervous to do it and kept thinking I would wake up, but the plan paid off for him.

My ring 

There was lots of pink heart balloons all around the house and it was perfect and I couldn’t stop crying and looking at my new rock, he did very well and I think he must have stalked my Pinterest before he went ahead and brought it + it fitted perfectly and he told me after, he had the ring for over a month and was waiting for the right time, he said he was going to take me back to the place we had our first date and do it there but it would mean a lot of people would be around and steering, I am glad he did it the way he did as it meant more to me with the thought he put into it.

Regarding the wedding all people would say is when you getting married, any plans, where’s your honeymoon going to be, I thought give me time to take it all in and enjoy the moment of being engaged, I never grew up wanting a big lavish over the top Cinderella princess wedding with 100s of people their, this just wasn’t me.

After discussing the plan and what we both wanted we both decided that we would like to get married in Florida as we have both been over the years and means a lot to us + we get a honeymoon out of it too, or could go to another part of America like Vegas, Hollywood or New York to celebrate our honeymoon yet to decide, nothing was set in stone and we didn’t start to make any plans, we just agreed on a destination to marry and the year we wanted to do it.

We have agreed a date now for next year and it’s going to be very private and personal and what we want, and that’s for no family or friends to attend (you could say we have chose to elope) we want to do it our way, we aren’t the kind of people who like to be the centre of attention as I still struggle with being around a large group of people and get panicked and anxious plus we don’t want to spend over the top money on a day that would be mainly for everyone else to enjoy, I’ve been to numerous of weddings costing from a few thousand to 46 thousand pounds, each to their own but what a waste of money in my eyes, I’m not saying it wasn’t nice but it wasn’t worth that much.

I am an only child and close with my parents, my partner has 1 brother and isn’t that close to his family, we both gave them all the option to attend and my mum and his brother where the only ones who said they would like to be their, which didn’t faze us as we know that would be the reply, I’ve not asked any of my friends to come as they all have children’s and it’s not cheap to go to Florida and would never expect them to come and pay all that money, we aren’t having a party when we are back as we aren’t close to our aunts, uncles and cousins and to be honest I don’t want fake people celebrating just to make up the numbers when they don’t care anyway.

My dress is going to be made specially for me by my mum who’s a designer for a big well known store and has worked in the industry for years, she made her own wedding dress, this will be a one off, more personal and won’t cost the earth for something I will only wear for 1 day and then it will be stored in the loft, I would rather have a stunning expensive pair of shoes, they will be the main feature and I will get my wear out of them again I’m sure of it.

My make up will be done on that day with my hair too, I’m not going to have that wedding style hair people have for one day or fake extensions to make it look longer, I don’t suit long hair, it will be dyed and cut short into a bob with a style that suits the cut, I am very anti weddings if I’m honest as I’ve always found them to be boring and drawn out plus they are really long days, some girls dream of that big wedding but I am not that type of girl.

We would rather have an unforgettable honeymoon at a destination We have always wanted to go too, and know it’s a life time trip and somewhere we probably won’t go again, we have looked at Barbados, Maldives, key west, Vegas, la and San Francisco we just can’t make our minds up which we want to go to.

Key west 

Las Vegas 




We have been looking at wedding rings, and I’ve got a diamond eternity ring and my engagement ring which are very sparkly and think I will go for a diamond wedding slim band to match, he doesn’t want a ring to wear all the time, he will have one for the ceremony and that’s it, which I don’t mind as everyone’s to their own + he doesn’t like jewellery.

We said we will treat each other to a nice gift on the day of the wedding which we will each get to open in the morning, I am unsure what to get him I’m thinking a watch and a pair of socks (just in case he gets cold feet) he has asked me what I would like and I want a kate spade Mr & Mrs clutch bag, I saw them when I went to Florida last month and fell in love with it then + I’ve gave plenty of hints.

I am not knocking what other people chose to do for their weddings and how much they spend or what dress they have etc, this is my opinion and what suits me and my husband to be.


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