Do what makes you happy

Life only comes around once, so do what ever makes you happy and be with who ever makes you smile.

I stand by this saying and quote now, being only 29 I feel I have been through more things in my life at this age than some people ever experience in their whole lifetime, I am not going into detail too much as I like to keep some things private,  but going through some of the bad bits I’ve been through has made me the person I am today, I am very strong minded and and know exactly what I want out of life, I lack confidence as most women do but this is something I’ll continue to work on, I always want to achieve the best in life and I hate settling for things I don’t want.

I have always been very selfish in my life with regards to always wanting a good life and career and nice things for myself than having children, being a mum doesn’t bother me as if I can’t give them the best of things and struggle every month with money, then that’s not the life I want for a child.

Someone once said to me ” if you was told that you had a month to live, would you look back on your life so far and say you was happy with it” and that got me thinking as my answer was a definite NO! I wouldn’t be happy, I believe everything happens for a reason and life’s all about making your own luck, as opportunity doesn’t knock on the door for you, you have to go and find your own luck.

I am at that age now where all my friends are married and most have children and settled down, home owners with their jobs and they are happy as that’s the life they want, I on the other hand am a little different I’m turning 30 this year and I’m not married, I don’t own my own house, I’m not settled in a career or job I want and I’ve got no children, I am very happy with my partner and excited for the life we want to share together but that’s not in this country, we have settled for the past 14 years working in industry we don’t enjoy on basic salaries, living month to month, we will never be able to afford a house in the uk as the average age for a 1st time buyer here is 37! I mean 37 to own your 1st home that’s because the wages aren’t their to help us save and the house prices are over valued and aren’t worth the brick and mortar.

I want to see the world, travel, explore that’s why the worlds so big isn’t it, to get out our comfort zone and see new places, experience new cultures, meet new people, I want my passport to look healthy with lots of stamps, I want endless amounts of photos to show where i’ve been and what I’ve seen, I want to live in a different country and call it home.

Life’s for living and that’s what I intend to do I’m still young enough to change my life and have adventures, I’ve got the next 35 years to work before I retire and I want to do something that’s not a chore everyday to get up for but a job I enjoy, I don’t want to enjoy my life at 65 I’m too old then to do the things I should be doing now while I’m still young and healthy I want to do what makes me happy and be with who makes me smile.

I want to look back when I’m old and grey and be glad I did things than say I wish I did that, we only get one go of life it’s not a rehearsal it’s live and it’s down to us to change our life’s and our future, people always say don’t dwell on the past and I don’t intend too as I’m determined to have the best possible life I can achieve for myself and make the best unforgettable memories.

If you continue to wake up every day and hate what you are doing with your life then only you can change it, I made that change in February by becoming my own boss and running my own business I do love it but it’s not long term. Everything happens for a reason.


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