Why I love Florida 

Where to start with this blog, Florida is my 2nd home I have been lucky enough to go every year since the age of 4, I first went in 1991 with my family and I don’t remember much of it apart from hugging Fred flintstone and eeyore when I got to meet them and they signed my autograph book, my family fell in love with Florida that year and we have been back every year since then.

The first year we stayed in a hotel which was located next to old town on the 192 called celebration suites, we have also stayed at days inn suites for a few years after this, the older I got the more I enjoyed Florida what child wouldn’t love being taken to Disney every year, I was very lucky that this was my family holiday.

I got to go to every theme park, meet all the characters and enjoy a great holiday yearly with my family, theme parks are the main reason people go to Orlando as its not really a holiday as everyday is busy with early mornings at the parks and long que’s for rides, when I started going to America they didn’t need fast pass’s as they where never as busy as they are now days.

Florida has changed so much over the years, there is something new every time I go, whether it be a new shopping mall, water park or new rides being built, this is why I go back no as I always want to see what’s next and say I’ve been there, I went on that ride, I saw that.

I love going every year as the older I’ve got the less interested in theme parks i have become (as I’ve been there, done that got, the t-shirt)I’ve recently just returned for Florida and I didn’t go to one park this year as they are far too busy and become less enjoyable for me.

There is so much other things to do in Florida than paying $100 per person per park ticket, I went to relax and enjoy the weather, go to the beautiful beaches, get great discount on designer brands when shopping at the outlets and take in the Florida lifestyle as every American you meet is super friendly and polite and always wish you a good day, compared to people in England.

Disney is a huge part of Orlando as it has over 20+ Disney hotels, 4 theme parks with 2 water parks and golf courses with Disney springs recently changed its name which was know as downtown Disney.

There is universal studios and islands of adventure theme parks, as well as wet n wild water park, bush gardens, Kennedy space centre, seaworld, aquatica and discovery cove.

I’ll list my top tips on Florida and the parks and beaches and places to visit on the next blog.


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