U.K.Bound and adapting to change

April 2015 I arrived back in England after 7 months of living and working in Dubai I was back in a place I wanted to escape and get away from, after living in England all my life I always wanted more and didn’t want to call it home no longer, Dubai just wasn’t for me and it’s not for everyone, I did the best I could and adapting to life their but it wasn’t the reality I was after.

Having worked as a realtor in Dubai I wanted to continue in the profession and work in the property industry here, I was lucky enough to be offered 3 jobs via 3 different well known companies, I went with the largest company as I thought they would look after staff and they would give the most back in rewards and commission, how wrong this turned out to be.

The commission in the uk for estate agents is appalling and embarrassing, everyone thinks we earn loads of money and you don’t the basic wage is minimum wage and the commission we get for selling a 80k house or 300k house is the same, I got £25 for every house I sold which is laughable and the market here is so slow pace takes 8-12 weeks for a completion of sale to go through, British agents are worse than Dubai ones they work less hours and are arrogant and flashy they make out they earn 50k a year and they earn 12k – 16k.

I loved the job in Dubai and the money potentials where great just not consistent at least in England we get a basic salary but it’s still not enough for all the work I felt I did as an agent with a Dubai work ethic, the company I worked for told me to get in the real world as dubai’s a fantasy and nobody here lives like that! Which I thought was a kick in the teeth to put my achievements down.

Things changed a lot for me when I returned home, I realised who my friends where the ones who encouraged me to move and where supportive throughout and they where there for me when I returned, I can count on 1 hand my true friends and don’t need toxic people in my life, I lost a few friends when I moved away and it was upsetting for me as some of them I had been friends with for 15+ yrs and I didn’t even get a good luck card from them, I like for people to do well and achieve good things in life and I’m happy for my friends in their choices it’s a shame not all my friends where on board for me and my move.

I was 28 and living back at my mum and dads in my small room sleeping in a single bed living out of 3 suitcases, it did nothing for my ocd but it was nice to be back with my mum who’s my best friend and who’s opinion means most to me in life, we had mum and daughter days out again like old times and went shopping together felt good to be back, but I had in the back of my mind I don’t want to be here for long I’m looking for my next venture to live somewhere else, as England isn’t where I want to grow old or ever raise a family ( I don’t want kids at this point in my life but if I remained in the uk I wouldn’t have them, as there is not future here for them, they are worse off here for opportunities).

It’s true what they say, you always meet someone when you least expect it and that’s what happened to me, I got to meet a great man and he has been the only reason I’ve remained in the uk for as long as I have, we both wanted to move abroad and start a new future together and we discussed many times England’s not for us, but we weren’t in a position to make that move so we decided to rent a lovely house together and take a years lease and see what happens in that year.

A few months had passed and I was still not enjoying the company and there views or how they treated staff and decided I wanted to do something else but was unsure what to do, I had celebrated my 29th birthday over Christmas and decided the new year I was gonna make a change and leave and do something for me, I was sick of waking up everyday dragging myself out of bed and forcing myself to go to work when I had no love for the job or the place I worked and didn’t enjoy my time there anymore.

February the 9th I made the decision to leave and a was relieved to know I was gonna be out, at this point I didn’t have a job to go too but I was able to support myself financially whilst I looked elsewhere, I did the job search and nothing popped up or grabbed my attention enough, and then it came to me why don’t I set up my own small business and be my own boss.

The business began and I was my own boss all available to read on my next blog.


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