The worst bits of Dubai for me and the things I wish I did

Please remember this is my own personal opinion and views of the worst parts of Dubai for me.

Dubai is stunning and still up and coming and changing daily with new roads being built, or hotels, homes and buildings going up turning it from a desert to a popular city and fast becoming 1 of the most luxurious and stunning places to visit in the world with the worlds tallest building the Burj Khalifa and the largest mall in the world and the biggest airport nothing in Dubai is done to not make a wow factor or impact.

In Dubai there isn’t a middle grand you are either rich or poor, and I got to witness both of these lifestyles while living there, in the tourist parts it’s all gold and glamour with everything over he top and luxury, and then off the main road of Dubai is where all the workers live 20 men per room working shifts sleeping on Floors, they have there passports taken off them and are unable to see families back in there home county’s, they make hardly any money about £15 a week, working hard 7 days a week in the hot weather conditions with no shade or water provided, it was sad to see people living and being treated this way in the richest country I have ever been too, they where grateful for a bottle of water or a hot meal when we did charity work for the forgotten workers of Dubai (this for me was the worst bit).

It was the most expensive place to live the cost of leasing an apartment can range from £1000 – £20,000 and upwards depending on the area you wanted to be in, the most desirable building to live in was the Burj Khalifa or apartments looking over the palm jumeriah. 

It is all tax free living but the price of clothes and food was inflated due to this so technically you are paying more for things, a pair of jeans in topshop in the uk are £40 in Dubai they are £60 for the same item, be good with the exchange rate of the dirham and work out what things cost in your head I always did this, 60 dirham is £10, 120 dirham is £20 and so on.

The place smells of money and it’s everywhere you look, whether it being the gold on the gates of the palaces or hotels or the cars they drive, with the glamorous lifestyle they are living it really was like two worlds in one place.

Things I wish I had done but never got round to where defiantly visiting the Burj Khalifa and going to the Burj al Arab beach, visiting one of the water parks even though I don’t like water they looked so fun and great for all them hot days, I wanted to go to one of the party in the parks they do in media city with music festivals full of well know singers and bands and lastly I wish I had visited other parts of the uae like ras al khaimah which has some lovely hotels to stay at.

My time in Dubai was one of the best times of my life and I have great memories of the time I spent there, I will never forget it and it’s made me the person I am today, I am more determined and passionate about going for what I want in life, with following my goals and dreams and never settling for a life I don’t want. I will return one day to visit and see how much it’s changed but it’s not a place I will ever call home again as living in Dubai is short term as their is no longevity to it as people come and go all the time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Dubai blogs if you are moving to the country do as much research as you can I was never never given the right guidance or information for what I was to really expect, if you are looking at visiting for a holiday do it, the place is amazing and has a wow factor everywhere you look, I would recommend going in sept – March as from then onwards it’s way to warm at temperature over 45 degrees most day.

My next blog will be about reality back in the uk and what I did next…


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