Becoming my own boss and waking up with no regrets

The big question was what’s my business venture going to be and how was I going to get it started, I decided that I wanted to do something with design as I studied an interior/3D design course and this is what I specialised in, so this was the start of my plan to design personalised prints, signs and cards for all occasions.

The name was easy I was bought a lovely crown ornament in Dubai from a beautiful interior store called marina home and I looked over at it when writing possible names and thought, yes it’s got to be crown something.. So then I came to crown design creations and the brand was born and the business was ready to get going,

I also decided I would start selling some small home accessories as I have a love for home interiors and this was my dream job of becoming an interior designer from a young age, I have been commissioned to design some homes and it’s just never been enough of a base to start a business, I contacted some wholesalers of home supplies and started buying bulk items I would have in my home.

I made a plan and list of items I would start to design and sell and made a few to put on well known sites for buying these kind of things and starting making money straight away, I was getting requests from friends and family for cards or signs and before I knew it I was making my normal wage I worked 40hrs a week for, except I did it from the comfort of my home and I can sit in my pjs and be designing with nobody to answer too but myself.

Every home accessories I stocked I sold out of so restocked and same would happen again, I started designing collections for cards, I did a tropical collection for summer with flamingos, pineapples and Palm tree designs, I did a wedding collection which has been the most popular I make and in demand for, I have a pink stripe collection and then a floral hearts and shabby chic collection which have all received good feedback.

Having my own business has been the best decision I made I have no regrets taking a plunge and building something small from the bottom, it’s not going to make me a millionaire but it’s enjoyable and no (blue sky thinking) as this is most companies motto!

Being my own boss for 5 months has been the best job i would say I’ve had, I work most days a week in designing, selling, packaging, posting, buying stock etc.. Everyday is a fun day at work and it’s good for me as I’ve been struggling with an illness since returning back from Dubai and it’s still ongoing now as some days I am unable to get out of bed or get dressed without being in chronic pain in my stomach, no employee would understand the illness or allow me the time to get better as everyday is different, so when I’m ill I have nobody to call in sick too, and I can still design from the comfort of my bed.

Crown design is still growing and I’m enjoying every bit of it I am lucky to be in this position to do something I enjoy everyday as I know a lot off people are in jobs they hate they just do it to pay the bills, but ide rather be happy at work as that’s where you spend most of your life! Life’s too short to do something you don’t enjoy.

Next blog is about my 2nd home Florida 


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