All the best bits of Dubai and must see’s 

This is my opinion from experience of the best bits in Dubai;

  • The fountains at the mall of Dubai this is magical and emotional and I never got bored of watching this, you can sit out at one of the restaurants and watch it (meal with a view) or you can just gather around like most do every night and be in amazement of it. (The fountains are in time with music, which changes daily).
  • The mall of Dubai, the worlds largest shopping mall, free parking for all cars or you can valet park but only people with super cars tend to do this, it has everything you could think of inside, hamleys toy shop, Chanel, Gucci, topshop, Zara, bed bath and beyond and so much more, it takes more than a day to walk around it all, or you could hop on a mall taxi to take you from shop to shop.
  • The Dubai aquarium was amazing to visit, I took my mum here for Mother’s Day and we had a great time, the size of it is insane and they have a huge King croc their too which is the largest in the world I believe,  a must see especially for children I would recommend going on a week day if you can during the day as night time gets busy.
  • Carols in the desert are something I would recommend to do in December, it’s normally the 1st week of December this happens but check online for dates and which desert it will be held at, it’s free to go all you need to do is take your own bbq,food,blankets etc and find your spot and get comfy for a nice evening singing Christmas songs with marshmallows over the fire pit, it’s great for all families and kids of any age and there are toilets on site too, starts about 4pm till late.
  • Karama is a place I would suggest to visit it’s past the mall of Dubai but it’s signed posted to get to, this is like old Dubai with the shops but the best place to get a bargain handbags like ( mk, mulberry, Valentino, Chanel,lv and many more) they also do sunglasses mainly ray bans for about £10 a pair, or red sole shoes for £80 a pair everything is great at affordable prices and no one would know it’s not real. I got a mulberry lily bag and purse for £50 and it’s lovely I get loads of comments on it too, I got ugg slippers for £16 and some Chanel espadrilles for £25 and they look identical to the real ones I own. (Go to karama with cash and haggle to get a good deal that’s my advice)
  • The Atlantis hotel is a must visit, this is a stunning hotel and I would go on a Friday as its less busy, you can go inside the shopping area and go to there gift shop, or you can got to there aquarium they have there too for a small fee, you can also go and use there beach if your not a guess at the hotel buy you have to book a sunbed in advanced and you then get access to it for they day, the fee for this may have changed now but it was 200dirhams I think.
  • Friday brunch in Dubai is what everyone who’s not a national does it means unlimited food and alcohol for 4hours every Friday at most hotels, you book in advanced ice say a week is fine and book what package you want, alcohol or non alcohol, I went to al qasr which is a beautiful hotel next to the Burj al Arab for my friends hen party and it cost me 300 dirhams which is £50 for the 4 hours (this was the none alcoholic package) the food selection was everything from fish n chips, Mexican fajitas, beef roast dinner, seafood, candy bar with sweets,cakes, doughnuts, candy floss and much more. For the alcoholic package at al qasr was 575dirhams in English this is about £90 each. ( cheaper venues for brunch are available.)
  • The souk madinat is a must see, this is a beautiful souk with all things Arabic inside, it sells shisha pipes to pashminas, gifts and souvenirs it’s a traditional souk with a modern twist, it’s located next to the al qasr hotel and the Burj al arab, there is also some nice restaurants their and coffee shops too.
  • The marina is a man made marina in the heart of Dubai with stunning tall buildings and has the worlds 2nd and 3rd tallest living apartment blocks, which is the princess building and the elite building, the marina has its own smaller shopping mall and restaurants around the water to dine at day and night, its stunning at night as all the buildings and Palm trees are lit up.
  • The Dubai yacht club is a place to go and eat and have a drink, I went here a few times when I lived their for both work and pleasure, I had a lovely meal here a (full English breakfast) it was costly at £16 but worth it with the view I had. There is a strict dress code in the evening no shorts or trainers to be worn and they have live music on some evenings too, and you obviously can charter a boat here for the day but it’s not cheap.
  • Chartering a boat/yacht if you can afford it I would recommend it, it can vary depending on the size of the yacht you want to hire my old company paid £6000 for  for a 78ft yacht which is expensive this was with a company could luxury yacht Company, we got to go from the Dubai Marina yacht club all around the marina and then out to see to the palm near the Atlantis the views where amazing  but I did feel a bit sea sick as I have a phobia of water.
  • Ferrari world at Abu Dhabi was a place I always wanted to visit and I went with my family we had a great day, we booked the tickets in advance it was about £25 each I think, there was lots to do there for all ages and fun rides inside and lots of ferraris to see and then learning the history of how the company started with Italian restaurants inside with good pizza and lasagne.
  • Yas mall is Abu Dhabi’s newest shopping mall it’s free to park and about a 60 minute drive from Dubai, directly next to it is the marina circut for the F1, and the Ferrari world theme park.
  • The beach is located down near jbr which is just past the marina, this is lovely to walk around during the day or evening, it has luxury shops and restaurants and is directly on the beach which has great views looking out towards the palm and the Atlantis hotel.
  • Jumeriah golf course holds the dp world tour in November and it’s free to go and watch for the 3 days it’s on, you get to see up close golfers like Rory Mcilroy, Sergio Garcia, Martin Kaymer and many more it’s definitely worth going and even better it’s free.

Photo of the Dubai mall aquarium.

Photo of carols in the desert

Photo of the Burj al Arab 

Photo of the marina 

Photo of the beach 

This is the best bits of Dubai I was lucky enough to experience and things I would recommend to do if you are going.

Next will be the worst bits and the things I wish I got to do…


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