Winter in Dubai

December was here and I was apprehensive about my 1st Christmas away from home I was 27 years old in a country I had only been in for 2 months and didn’t really know what to expect, I will recommend the carols in the desert for all families and expats to go to, I had the best time there you have a bbq in the desert with singing Christmas carols, there are so many families that go and a great place to spend an evening with new friends under the stars in the desert.

The Christmas party was a little different to what I’m used too, the company hired a 78ft yacht for us employees and it took us around the marina near to the Atlantis with music and unlimited drinks and snacks it was the best afternoon in Dubai for me so far , the company closed down the office for 1 week for Christmas but I still chose to work on xmas eve as I had to close a deal and had some viewings before I could relax and wound down for the festivities.

Christmas Day was 1 of the best I’ve ever had we went to our friends home in the villa project they have a lovely 5 bed villa which looks onto the desert and we had a huge table outside with about 15 of us all from the uk or usa, we all prepared a course for dinner I did a cheese board no cooking involved, it was 28degrees I was sat with a Santa hat on eating a turkey dinner it seemed surreal but I had a great day and the people I got to spend it with made it memorable.

As Dubai nationals don’t celebrate Christmas all the malls and shops are open as usual as its a normal day for them, they dress the malls up with trees and baubles but nothing to our streets in the uk and it’s not the same with how hot it is.

The Christmas period is either the most quietest time for property or busiest as most expats return home for Christmas and start looking for properties in the new year + a lot of agents go home to see there families so less competition, I was busy leading Upto New Year’s Eve doing my biggest lease commission earning 6 thousand pounds I rented a 7 bed villa in the lakes it was a Hattan villa which is the most expensive you can rent and make the best commison on.

New Year’s Eve consisted of a get together at another British friends apartment close to the Burj Khalifa with the best views for the fireworks, it was stunning and quite emotional to see, the roads where jammed with cars and people parked up on the side of the roads with picnics watching the fireworks, for a 30 minute journey home it took me 2 hours due to the traffic and road blocks from the cars.

January was my best month of commison earnings I did 4 deals this month and made my target and I was the top leasing consultant for January which was nice for me so I got to treat myself finally, I made in this month what most people earn in a year as an average salary and it was tax free, but it didn’t last long as I had to pay my next 3 months rent upfront and that’s was a big dint in my earnings + just because I had a good month didn’t mean every month was going to be the same, this job was about luck and hard work, I worked from 9am until 7-9pm at night 6 days a week working days in Dubai are Sunday to Thursday as Friday is there prayer day and very quiet this was the best day to go to the mall.

My next blog I will cover my parents visiting me, a bad month for work and a realistic outlook on the Dubai life.


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