The real cost of living in Dubai

I am not going to lie, you need to have some money or savings to go with, I took about 12,000 English pounds with me and it still wasn’t enough as the commission only job was harder than I ever imagined.

The cost of living there from my experience;

  • Week 1 was the hotel city max in Al Barsha £700
  • Week 2-3 was a hotel apartment still in Al Barsha that was £1000
  • Week 4-8 was another hotel apartment in Al Barsha but was more expensive at £2000
  • I hired a rental car from hertz a brand new Toyota this was £300 per month with a deposit of £300
  • Week 9 I signed the lease on a 1 bed apartment at £1000 a month roughly
  • Food was a little more expensive as all the meat is imported as there are no farms there or fruit trees, a bottle of ribeana was £6, cornflakes £5.
  • Eating out was similar prices to the uk an average meal £30 for 2
  • Fuel was cheap I could get a full tank for £10 
  • Health insurance was £37 per month this was for basic Drs appointments but you can buy antibiotics over the counter without a prescription.
  • People say you can’t drink alcohol in Dubai and yes you can, I am tea total so don’t ever drink alcohol, wine is £12 for a small glass and a beer is £6 which is a lot compared to uk prices all bars are located inside hotels or on high floors of buildings in the clubs.
  • Taxis are very cheap and they are all so friendly but they are also new to Dubai and sometimes your giving them directions, a 25 minute taxi ride is less than £10.

The culture of Dubai is strict but well respected by all who live there, Dubai has 80% of expats living their and about 20% uae nationals, it’s vastly growing but very westernised you meet all nationalities and people from all walks of life their and it’s an eye opener, I meet Russian,Australians, Swedish,Lebanese etc..

The Dubai nationals are the kindest people I’ve ever meet they are so polite and thankful and interested in the British, the women always dress in hijabs or Burqas as this is their culture and way of life they always have stunning handbags like Hermes or Chanel with Valentino shoes or Jimmy choos.

Living in a foreign country is a bit different to Spain or America, there are stricter laws in place in Dubai which isn’t a bad thing as its so well respected by everyone who lives or visits, there is no kissing in public or holding hands, no drinking in public, partying or gambling this is all prohibitaed.

Living with a partner without being married is a no no, as if found out or the building was randomly checked by the police you will be put into prison as this is a crime, drink driving or gambling in public is also a crime and you will be arrested, they are strict but it’s there country and as a foreigner living there I respected there laws.

My next blog will be about my 1st Christmas away from home and the best month of earnings and the struggle got real.


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