Reality kicks in, with a visit from home

In my 5th month of living and working in Dubai and it was becoming a new reality now for me, I was settled and felt at home, I knew how to get to most places in Dubai and short cuts when driving around, driving in Dubai is insane I’ve never seen a learners car the whole Time I was there, which is a concern as they drive like they never use an indicator or mirror for over taking, they swerve in and out of lanes and speed limits are all in kmph the sheikh zayed road the 14 lane motorway is 120kmph which is 74mph but nobody sticks to this especially in the fast super cars I saw daily.

The life I was living in Dubai isn’t what I had anticipated to be living if I’m honest I thought I would be changing my life and making endless amount of tax free money with a great lifestyle, except I was struggling with work and lack of properties on the books, I lost out on deals no fault to my own, other agents stole my clients or undercut us on rental fees, I was too nice to play these games daily and was wearing myself thin working long hours daily, my outgoings where more than my incomings especially in February where I made £1200 all month from 2 deals.

My parents came to visit me the 3rd week off February and they could see how it was getting me down, my intention was to go and make them proud and enjoy the lifestyle yet I gave myself 1 day off a week to wound down and chill out, the time I spent with them was really nice we did tourist things, visited the Dubai aquarium, watched the fountains, took them to Abu Dhabi and went to Ferrari world they where blown away with Dubai and ticked it off there bucket list, before I knew it the week had gone by and I was taking them back to the airport which was very emotional.

I realised that what I wanted from Dubai wasn’t what I was doing, it’s hard to found other work there without getting another work visa, I decided to leave my job and return home in April it was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, I enjoyed the remaining 5 weeks there as a tourist and got to visit and sight see things I should have been seeing before now, I found a new tenant for my apartment and he moved in the day I moved out, I got to bring home the remaining earnings from Dubai but there wasn’t much left.

I had booked a flight said my final goodbyes to my friends I made there and got on the plane with no regrets of the decision I made to return back to the uk and start again.

Final Dubai blog will be the best bits the worst bit and must sees.


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