First blog getting a job in Dubai

Please bare with me this is my first blog I’ve ever written, I wanted to write about this for a while but never got around to it until now, what else is there to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Firstly this is my views and experience of Dubai and what I found out and learnt along the journey of moving to a country I had never been to before or working in an industry with no experience, talk about throwing myself in the deep end.

In 2014 I was working as an estimator for a manufacturing company, not the job of my dreams but it paid the bill and left me with enough every month to treat myself to new clothes and shoes, I had a friend who had just given in his notice as he was moving to Dubai, and I was so happy for him and his new journey in life he was taking it made me look at mine and think at the age of 26 I didn’t want to settle for an ok job with an ok Life.

March 2014 I applied to a few companies in Dubai regarding moving and working out there I didn’t have any idea of what to expect or what was involved in moving to a foreign country, I was lucky enough to hear back from a company owned by 3 expats (British people) who ran a real estate company in the centre of Dubai.

My 1st interview was a phone chats on Skype as face time in the uae didn’t  work/ at the time, it was a brief casual chat lasted about 30minutes and it was more about finding out about my goals and the type of person I was, the 1st director chatted about the business and the real estate market there how fast paced it was and how they came about setting the company up, he had been out there for 15yrs and said he loved his life and wouldn’t change it, he said he earns more in a month than some people did in a year in England, he had a Range Rover and a Porsche, he lived on the palm and basically sold me the dream there and then.

After the chat I was so excited and thought yes sign me up I want to do this even more now, I went back to work after the weekend and lost interest in the job and thought this isn’t what I want out of life, I received an email to say they where impressed with me on my 1st interview and would I be available for a 2nd with another company director, I agreed and a time was arranged for the 2nd and final interview.

May 11th around 11am was the 2nd interview this time it was a video chat via Skype again, I dressed up nice top and blazer and then pjs and slippers on the bottom half, this interview was a lot different he was in his apartment casually sat at his breakfast bar and I was sat around my dining table, he was very friendly and passionate about his life he had created in Dubai having lived there 12yrs and originally from Wales he was very easy to talk too, He went over day to day of the job, what’s involved, earning potential and the lifestyle you can lead from this, he did explain it was a commission based job so there was no basic monthly salary and in the month of July and August would be the quiet period for rental and sales of properties.

I will advise that you must look into Dubai the culture the lifestyle it’s not all pros to living there which I found out the hard way, I’ll discuss that in my next blog.

After the interview he said to me are you ready for the challenge and I said Yes with no hesitation, it was exactly what I wanted to do, I was offered the job there and then, I was sent my confirmation of employment letter through the post and I had to sign, date and send it back to get the ball rolling for moving to the uae.

Throughout June and July I was in regular contact with the company in Dubai and there he department to arrange my visa for working in the country, as if you don’t have a work visa you are only permitted to stay there for 30 days, I think my visa lasted 2 years and then it would be renewed, other documents needed to be able to work in the uae are examination certificates proof of gcse grades attained, and other further education documents and numerous passport photos for all I’d documents.

The month of August I moved out of my apartment having sold all my furniture and goods and back to my parents for a month before flying to Dubai in October to start my new career and life, I will be honest I had a few friends who weren’t as supportive as others for my new job and move which was sad and upsetting and we are no longer friends now because of this.

My family where always very supportive with me moving and making something of myself I just wanted to make them proud and not settle for life in the uk as I always wanted more.

my new dubaicurrency; Dirhams  

The day arrived 16th October 2014 the day I moved to Dubai, my family came to Birmingham airport to wave me off the welling in the heart and stomach was unexplainable I felt empty inside saying bye to them as I didn’t know when I’ve see them in person again, lots of tears and tissues, I walked through the departure security section and went to the departure gate, composed myself I couldn’t eat I felt sick and numb inside with nerves but excitement all at the same time, the flight was delayed for 2hours not a great start to my new adventure I flew with a well know Far East airline and I would never fly with them again as it was a bad experience with the staff being unhelpful, I had 1 drink on the 7hr plane journey, my food tray was on my lap for 3hrs as they never came to clear them away,a lot of customers complained but where ignored.

Finally after 7hrs I had arrived it was 2am in the morning Dubai time, I had to go and collect my visa to allow me entrance into the country from one of the desks in arrivals and then que to get my passport stamped to allow me access into Dubai, I was tired overwhelmed with the size of the airport and how there’s a huge waterfall inside of it and couldn’t believe I had made it I was here, I went outside and got a taxi to the hotel which was very cheap a 25minute journey cost me £6 in English money.

For the 1st week of being there I booked a cheap hotel in Al Barsha 1 a 2minutes walk from the mall of emirates and the metro line, I stayed at the city max and it was pleasant and clean with a pool on the roof.


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