My surgery experience with the NHS

Happy Monday everyone hope you are all doing well.

As you can see from the title ( I finally had my long awaited surgery) i have been waiting for this for 6 months Yes 6 months on the NHS as there was a super long wait and i was lucky enough to have a good Dr who requested i have my surgery before the end of June as i need 3 months clear to be able to fly on my honeymoon in September.

Those of you who dont know what i was having done i will fill you in now I had to get a  myringoplasty which is a skin graft on my eardrum due to my eardrum having a 50% hole through the middle of it which causes me alot of pain and infections over the years aswell as hearing loss i have suffered since the age of 8 with ear infections and the last 3 years i have had 14.

Myringoplasty is a repairing of the eardum by using some skin from the ear or behind the back of the ear and they cut it open (grusome but its what happend) i have stiches all around my ear and something called a bip inside of my ear which is a paste to block anything from getting in my ear or getting infected, I have to have 2 weeks off work to recover due to not being able to drive as some symptoms which are likely are; vertigo, nerve damage to the face, loss of tastebuds and dizziness with sickness and headaches, i was sent home with some pain killers aswell as being given morphine while in hospital which i thought tasted like raspberry calpol.

The surgery was done at my local hospital Kings Mill and i had to stay in over night due to the operation taking longer than usual mine took 3 hours to complete and i was very tired and groggy once returning back to the ward where i was looked after by a great team of nurses throughout my time there and cared for me better than i ever imagined i would be, as an anxious person i didnt feel scared or the urge to go home i was at ease and very relaxed as i knew hospital was the best place for me.

You hear horror stories of people going to hospitals and being mistreated or neglected this wasnt the case for me and i couldnt thank the staff enough for there work as i wasnt the only  patient they where attending too, in total there where 2 other ladies on my ward and it was very secluded and private plus is wasnt a mixed ward like i know some can be.

The NHS in the england is under so much pressure and funding from the government we all moan about it when we cant see our gp straight away or have to pay £8.60 for a prescription but compared to majority of countries we are very lucky to not have to pay obscene amounts for surgery or the care we require in these times.

For my 1st overnight experience staying in hospital since the age of 4 i was very happy to stay there and be looked after plus i got lots of cups of tea and jam on toast.

I am 3days in to my recovery and i am already bored but i need to take the medical advice and rest and sleep as thats all i seem to want to do at the minute.

Thanks for reading 

Amy x


Interview tips and advice to get the job you want

Happy Friday everyone i do hope your all well and having a great week.

This is a little different to what i usually write about but as some of you may or may not know i have been putting myself back out there and looking for a new job/career as being self employeed can be quite borring and isolating at times and i miss the team work enviroment and the office banter so i have recently got myself a new job (Yeahy me) and i cant wait to start next month.

I wanted to give you some tips in regards to preparing your c.v and how to stand out from the rest;

  • Your c.v is really important as this is what sets you apart from others as most employees look at it for 30 seconds and make an instant decison make it appealing and stand out.
  • Don’t lie on your c.v i know alot of people who do this and you just end up getting found out and this being disloyal before you have even started.
  • Don’t put your age on it as some companies do discriminate against your age which they aren’t allowed to do but they do.
  • Don’t apply for anything and everything make a list of things you like to do and see what the best career options for you are in regards to the list you make.
  • Apply direct to the company call ahead to get the name of the manager and address it to them or send a direct email stating what your interested in and see if they have any roles to suit your needs (if you dont ask you wont get).
  • Always ask for feedback when applying for a position companies 99% of the time never even come back to you but any feedback is welcomed in my opinion as you may tick all the boxes for the job but when it comes down to it they dont pick you which is disheartening.
  • Keep it to no more than 2 pages long as people dont have tome to read every single thing about you.
  • Write a personal profile what kind of person you are what your traits are and good at always show your strengths.
  • Only include the last 3-4 jobs depending on how long you worked there and state what your daily duties where as this helps employees look for transferrable skills.
  • Black and white writing with a simple and clean font.
  • Don’t ever attach a photo to your c.v (This is expected in Dubai).

These are my tips and questions you should ask an employer when being interviewed; 

  • Ask them what they liked about your c.v and why it stood out to them?
  • Could they see you fitting in the company dynamic?
  • What can they offer you in regards to career path and going forward for the future?
  • Holiday entitlement and bonus schemes?
  • Whats the reason for previous employees deciding to leave?
  • What training will i recieve as a new starter?

How to handle those cringe worthy question when your in an interview;

  • Describe yourself in 3 words? reality i want to say a big kid, spoilt and needy but i chose the mature version of me (loyal, positive and organised) this is the time to tell them your best traits/ what your good at.
  • If you could be any animal what would you be? i am thinking how is this relevant but there is obviously a right answer so think carefully as you dont want to say a lion as they are the the king of the jungle and it could come across like you want to take charge and show authority and don’t say a mouse as they are timid and quiet.
  • If you could be a kitchen appliance what would you be? I always say a kettle as a cuppa tea solves everything or so they say, dont pick a knife for obvious reasons (nobody wants to be stabbed in the back) also dont say a spoon (as you will come across like you like to cause drame and stir things up).
  • What is your greatest achievement in life so far? I said moving to Dubai as i learnt alot but some may say being a parent, surviving an illness everyone has different things in life they have achieved.
  • What aspires you in life? I got this question in my interview for the job i just got and the answer i gave was to be happy thats what i want to enjoy life as thats whats important to me, i could have said win the lottery (but i dont play it) be the next beyonce (but i cant sing).

How to handle nerves before an interview; 

  • Nerves are a good thing as it shows you care about the job you have applied for and lucky enough to get an interview.
  • Nerves will go once you have arrived as its always daunting the not knowing of whats to come.
  • Stay compose and remain confident this is the time to make a great 1st impression.
  • Take a deep breath and take a drink of water in with you most of the time they tend to offer you a drink so politely accept or decline.
  • Getting a good vibe and feeling from the company and the building (could you see yourself working there or is it a cold enviroment).
  • Watch the relationship with other workers regarding if it comes across friendly and welcoming.
  • Always make a list of questions to ask them as it looks good and shows you have come prepared.
  • Research the company you have an interview with as they always ask you (what do you know about us?).
  • Always listen and give eye contact.
  • If they ask you a question you are unsure of ask them to explain it and take your time in answering.
  • We all remember things we wish we said instead of what we end up saying.

I do hope this helps some of you as this pass week ive had 2 job offers for completely different jobs and i knew in my gut which felt right for me and you will also get that feeling.

Thanks fo reading 

Amy x

The real cost of a Florida Holiday 

Happy saturday everyone i hope your all well and ok, 

As majority of you know i LOVE Florida and its my second home as i have been lucky enough to go every year since the age of 4 and i am now 30 so thats alot of times to go on a (holiday of a life time).

The older i have gotten i have realised how EXPENSIVE it is to go to Florida most people go to Mallorca or the Canaries for a holiday and that can be expensive but still much cheaper than 2 weeks to the Orlando as everyone calls it a Holiday of a life time and thats becuse it can cost upto £10,000 which is insane.

I 1st went in 1991 for 3 weeks, 2 weeks in Orlando at all the parks and 1 week at madeira beach over at clearwater and my family had saved and saved for it they had never been on a plane before and it was something they never thought they would be able afford to do again but they fell in love with America the place the people the food and obviously the parks so they decided they would save and go again and the rest is history as they say.

Florida over the years has gotten so Expensive and i understand its alot more popular now than when i 1st visited many years ago but still the prices for things are just insane and in my eyes not worth the money and ill go into it more here;

  • Disney park tickects – $107 each per adult not including taxes.
  • Disney parking – $20 per car to park.
  • Food at the parks – $6+ and thats for a mickey mouse ice cream.
  • Drinks at the parks – $3.50 for a water/ souvenir cups with a drink are $14.
  • Mechandise in the parks – $27 for minnie mouse ears, keychain $11.95 plus taxes.
  • 14 day park ticket just for Disney – £379 per person 
  • A ticket to every single park including Disney, Universal, seaworld are – £794 per adult.

I remember paying $46 for a ticket to MGM also known as Hollywood studios and that was 11 years ago i cant see how they can charge this insane amount to visit a them park nowadays as in my opinion its disgusting and the enjoyment has gone before i have even walked in the park as they are so much more busier now than ever before the ques are stupidly long and your only allowed 3 fass passers a day to allow you quicker access on rides but you could still have a 20-30 minute wait so that means all the other rides you want to go on you will have to que for in the heat for upto 4 hours on some rides (frozen ride in particular).

I havent been to a theme park since 2014 and that was Magic kingdom i paid $99 for a day ticket plus $16 for parking and it was so busy majority of rides had a 120 minute – 180 minutes wait (severn dwarf mine train, splash mountain, peter pans flight plus more) i rode the little mermaid ride and its a small world and thats all i could get on that day it had over 100,000 in the park and it was only 11am for me this wasnt enjoyable i was stressed and anxiuos people pushing in front of you and just crowds everywhere i can honestly say i wont ever return here as it tainted all my amazing memories as a child and ruined them in 2 hours of attending as a adult there was nothing enjoyable about this day for me and i dont understand why anyone would want to que for these long lengths of time in the florida heat.

Getting to Florida isnt expensive well thats if you know where to look majority of people who have never been before book through holiday companies and pay through the nose for everything having been so many times we are experts in getting a good deal and shopping around this is what we usually do; 

  • Search sky scanner for direct flights with Virgin, Thomsons, Delta etc.
  • We paid £1,900 for 4 ppl with premium seats on a Thomson 787 dreamliner from Birmingham to Sanford.
  • Look at flying on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday as they seem to be cheaper.
  • Book a direct flight and flight only as fly drive works out more expensive.
  • Advice and best times to go; March, April, May, June, end of sept, October and November are the best times due to the weather, Avoid July its way to hot and humid and not nice to walk round the parks, August and September is hurricane season and trust me it ruins your holiday when your stuck in one of these like it did for me.
  • Book your hire car seperatly we use auto europe and they have dollar,hertz,budget etc
  • We have a car with dollar a mid suv (jeep or similar) with top platinum insurance, 2 drives free tank of fuel and tire puncture cover for £361 for 14 days.
  • We have a villa we always use and have done the past 7 years in Terra Verde they have a website with all the villas to rent.
  • Search for villas online and get a good deal per night.
  • We have a 4 bed,3 bath villa with pool for £814 for 14 days which is good.
  • Dont pay more than £100 a night thats too much for a villa.
  • If you want a villa stay in a gated complex as its safer and has other ammenities.
  • Regarding hotels the best place for location is the 192 or International drive, i havent stayed in a hotel for over 18 years so i cant comment on this as much.
  • Go with another family and spilt the villa cost works out cheaper.
  • Do alot of research look on a forum called The Dibb as thats helpful for news, updates and getting an insight in other peoples florida holidays.
  • Park tickets you can buy direct with Disney, Universal and Seaworld but look around for deals and offers.
  • I always use Orlando attraction tickets and they are really good theres also a site called undercover tourist and they have good deals but there prices are in $.

I do hope this helps some of you looking at going or wanting to know exactly what it costs to go to Florida also depending on the dollar rate depends on the cost of things once your there and the dollar rate at this moment is $1.24 which is bad i have never known it this low.

Thanks for reading if theres any questions feel free to comment and i will reply the best i can.

Amy x

Florida plans 2017

Happy Bank holiday sunday everyone i do hope you are all well,

I just wanted to say really quickly a big thank you ror all my nice messages and comments regarding my last blog post about “The reasons i a pm taking a break from youtube” the support has been amazing and i am working on myself to get back to fun Amy.

This blog is all about Florida if you have read my Florida blogs before or follow me on my instagram then you will know Florida is my second home and ive been lucky enough to go every year some times twice a year since the age of 4, As most of you know i am getting married this year (very anxious and excited for that) but our trip to Florida this year will mean more than any other trip as this will be our Honeymoon as mr and mrs Shaw and i cant wait and i wanted to share with you my plans for the 2 weeks we are there.

We fly on the 28th Septemeber for 2 weeks and the best news is we are flying from Birmingham into Sanford which is amazing for me as i get less anxious at both of these airports as they arent as busy as Manchester or Orlando international (which i hate) so we got super lucky with these flights and we are going with Thomsons who ive never flown with before as we usually go with Virgin but the last 2 times ive gone with them ive been dissapointed with the service onboard and the crew arent thes best with customer service.

We are staying at the villa we usually stay at in Kissimmee and its home from home for us i love it, its got its own pool, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and its close to Old Town and only a 15 minute drive to Disney which is super handy, Ive stayed here about 5 times now and my parents have stayed here about 7 times we love the area as its a gated community and very private.

Our plans for the holiday/ honeymoon arent set in stone and i havent created a spreadsheet like most people do when they visit florida as its a holiday not a regimented strict routine, i like to wake up and decide on the day where we go as if the weathers bad i dont eant to be going to a theme park ide be better off going to the mall or the cinema (yes i go to the cinema on holiday) ive done Disney so much over the last 27 years its still the same just more expensive now to visit at $107 per adult per park which is ridiculous in my opinion i know Disney do deals on 14 day pass for the price of 7 days but i dont want to visit all the parks so this isnt helpful for me.

We have decided this year to see more of Florida as there is so much to do other than theme parks and its has some of the most amazing beaches to visit and towns to explore as staying in such a vast tourist place like kissimmee you miss so much of Florida and what else there is to do there.

I have never been on the air boat tours so we are going to do that this year aswell as visit Anna marie island, sarasota, ft lauderdale (is my favourite) we are going to watch a football game at the Orlando fc stadium against the Dallas fc which i am looking foward to even though im not a fan of football i prefer Nba but theres no games on when we are there due to the season starting at the end of October we are aslo going to go on the Orlando eye as we didnt do it last year so i am looking forward to all of these things.

Shopping is the main thing i am looking forward too even though the dollar rate is awlful i am still excited to get some good bargains at the outlets and malls plus Disney springs which is my favourite place to visit as now its all been done up i just ove it there as theres so much choice for entertainment, shopping, dining and just having a nice day or evening i tend to visit here alot as world of Disney is amazing and i love Sprinkles cupcakes they are the best things plus they will be our wedding cupcakes which is exciting for us.

We have said we want to eat out more too as having a villa makes it easier to cook in and chill out instead of trying new plces to eat so ive made a list of places i want to go let me know if you can recommend anywhere you have been too (bare in mind i am gluten intolerant and dont eat fish).

Let me know if you guys can recommened other things to do in Florida other than the theme parks as we are undecided if we are going to go to one yet just becasue i cant justify how much it is per person to go but i would love to go to Epcot and Unviversal again as they are my favourites.

Thanks for reading i just wanted to fill you in on my plans and i am sure write another blog soon all about it.

Amy x

I am taking a break from YouTube

Happy Thursdays folks i do hope you are all well

As you can see from the title i have made a decision the past few days to take a break from YouTube due to personal reasons which i will share with you all.

I started YouTube in January this year to gain more confidence and push myself in doing something out of my comfort zone if you follow, watch subscribed to my channel then you will know I think its been going well and ive had great comments and feedback from you guys which means the world.

The last couple of weeks I have noticed i am becomming unwell again in regards to my Anxiety ans Mental health which i have previously shared with you in previous blog posts, I am now experiencing Anxiety everyday at the minute which is affecting my day to day life with regards to friends and family and having enjoyments in the things i used to love to do i.e YouTube, shopping and even getting dressed.

I decided me taking a break from my channel will help me get back to the Amy i used to be as at the minute i have resulted into a shell of myself and dont really know why, i have battled with depression and anxiety for 6 years and it never seems to go you just learn to cope and live with it and its draining me if i am honest i am sick of crying daily for no reason and being super sensitive to the smallest thing as i think everyone is against me and i am battleing constantly with my own mind (if any of you have or do experience this then you know what i mean).

Being completly honest YouTube is hardwork and people think you pick a camera up, film a video,edit and upload but thats not th case any YouTuber who says they dont look at view ratings is full of crap as those views are what make us money and if you out a video up thats not done aswell as you hoped then its disheartening.

I have filmed lots of shopping hauls with monthly favourites and my recent experience of living and working in Dubai and they are all pulling in different kinds of audiences some will like the shopping ones and not the dubai ones and vice vurser, i have so many ideas of things to film for my channel yet think as a watcher of  YouTube aswell as a creator you see what does better than others on there and this puts me off making these vlogs as they wont be viewed as much as a Primark haul which is sad as it seems to me people dont want to really get to know you as a person and they judge you on a shopping haul.

I don’t honestly know if i will start to film more rgeular in the future but at this moment in time i need to concentrate on my Anxiety and my upcomming operation in June.

Thank you to any of you eho have watched, liked or subscribed to my channel the last few months.

Its not a Goodbye as Arnie once said “I’ll be back”.

Amy aka Natural Blonde 


I hit 1000 Subscribers on my Youtube channel

Hi everyone hope your are all well.

As you can see from the title of the blog this is all about reaching 1000 subscribers for me on my youtube channel; natural blonde in less than 3 months.

I know alot of you reading this will probably have your own youtube channels and have way more subs than i do its not a competition and i am happy with how well my channel is doing in a short space of time.

I started this back in Januray as it was a New years resolution for me to do soemthing different get out of my comfort zone and gain more confidence and thats exactly what having a youtube channel has done for me, i am overwhelmed with the lovely comments and feedback i get on my videos whether they are a primark haul or a monthly favourites video the support has been more than i could have expected.

I started writing blogs back in June last year and i love writing my views and opinions on things i am loving or passionate about and i have always been an avvid viewer and subscriber to many other youtubers out there with millions of follwers or a few thousand, I would say i am more confident on camera filming videos than i am in person if you ever meet me in public, youtube has made me care less of what people think of me as i am doing this for me and nobody else.

I am Loving my journey on youtbe so far and i am excited to see where it takes me as i am none expecting to get millions of followers and become as well known as Zoella and Tanya burr but to be recognised for something i love doing is never a bad thingas we all like validation in our life that we are doing the right thing.

I never force myself to film videos as for me its not my main source of income and at any point i could wake up one day and decide i dont want to do it any more and its only myself that applys the pressure for my channel.

3 months of uploading videos to natural blonde and i have reached 1000 subs its insane i never thought i would hit this milestone and it makes me more determined to continue to be myself and film videos you all enjoy to watch and things i am passionate about.

I have watched some other youtubers who i can tell from there videos they put pressure on themselves to upload content or want to make it there main job and this is there main goal, i on the other hand am being realistic and i believe its all down to being liked coming across as genuine and not fake and enjoying what you do.

I just wanted to update you all on my journey and i would love for you to check out my videos and continue to support me theyway you have already.

Thank you guys its means the world and ill be back soon with another blog.

Amy x

Trends from the 2000s not to bring back into fashion

Happy Sunday folks i hope you are all well.

I have so many blogs/ vlogs i am going to write and record this month and i have been wanting to write this one for a while as i am going to be doing a video on this on my youtube channel; natural blonde and i wanted to talk about throwback fashion items we used to wear back in the day (well in my day) when i was a teenager.

I have been searching all over for good images to show you exactly what these items look like yet been very unsuccessful in doing so for this reason i am going to give a description of the items i am talking about instead.

Fashion in the 2000s;

Cast your mind back to 17 years ago (thats if you where old enough to remember or even born) it was the millennium everyone said the world was going to end that obviously didn’t happen and fashion went out of control but we all loved it at the time and thought we looked great. 

I might only be 30 years old but i remember all my fashion outfits growing up especially some of these i am going to list below;

PEDAL PUSHERS/ CAPRI PANTS: If you didn’t have a pair of these then you weren’t cool as a teenager they where a tight fitting trouser or jean that came to the knee and where very fitted i had them in denim, white, dogtooth print and even a floral pattern with matching top (looking back at them now they where hideous and i just hope no designers bring them back or brand them up with there logos on them to make them look trendy again because they wont).

GYPSY MAXI SKIRTS: All i can say is thank god i never took to skirts as i had one of these in brown yes brown and it was awful so long it dragged on the floor with uneven patterns throughout and very heavy to wear i used to wear it with a vest top on top of a t-shirt with a huge disc belt and some backless loafers from faith in yellow with a flower on them (what was i thinking this is an item that can never return or be improved it was a huge fashion faux pa).

DISC SHAPED BELTS: I had more than one of these i had brown, white and black with a huge gold disc on the front to fasten it together it just went over and around jeans or skirts as it was way to big to fit through belt holes, i used to get mine from indoor markets as they where £5 each what a bargain (I know for a fact this will come back i am waiting for an online retailer to bring them back or a celebrity to be rocking it).

SHRUG CARDIGAN: Yes i said it a shrug and the name itself isn’t trendy let alone a practical piece of clothing i had so many of these i used to wear them over my vest with a t-shirt on and knot the front with my cargo pants and kappa trainers and i thought i was in a girl band or the 8th member of s club 7 (how wrong was i they where ugly looking and pointless yet everyone had one).

PATCHWORK DENIM JEANS: I had 2 pairs of these 1 pair flared with glitter in the denim from new look 915 and a pair from tammy girl with buttons instead of a zip i can honestly say these where my favourite jeans ever until i got grass stains down 1 pair and the other pair i borrowed a friend and never got back (thanks friend) i have seen that topshop and asos have something similar to the ones i had but not overly patch worked which is a shame (but something i would never buy or wear again nostalgia has kicked in on these for me and should be left in the fashion past).

PONCHOS: I hated it then and ill hate it again if i comes back these where everywhere in every pattern, colour with tassels without tassels they made everyone look bigger than they really where so unflattering and impractical for putting your bag on your shoulder, however i did have one from a shop called pilot which my mum would take me too twice a month at mcarther glen Mansfield as that was the shop to go to when i was at senior school i soon got bored of my poncho and it got given to a family friends daughter who loved it.

CARGO TROUSERS: I loved these especially as tammy girl had loads on back in the day i had a beige pair with hanging bits of the legs a khaki pair with huge pockets and a black pair to match my cool babes t-shirt as it looked cool together all the pop groups wore them and made them look cool and i loved steps 5,6,7,8 i blame Fay for me wanting these (I hope kanye west doesn’t release these for his next collection as its the kind of thing Kim will rock with a corset top and clear heels and pull it off).

TROUSERS WITH A SKIRT OVER THE TOP: I didn’t love these trend when i was 13 and i am glad as it was so random yet lots of people wore it if you haven’t seen this before google it theres not many great photos of it but you can get the idea of the style (I hope this never gets released just because of how random it looks leave it back in the 2000s).

I am sorry there are no images to show you just how bad these items where but if you do remember any of them leave me a comment below or on my Instagram page; naturalblonde86

Also let me know if you can think of any other fashion stores you shopped at back in the 90s or early 2000s as i can only remember these;

  • ETAM
  • MK ONE

Thanks for reading and comment below 

Amy x

Just because it’s in fashion doesn’t mean it suits you

Happy hump day everyone i do hope you are all well.

I am still battling with this bad back of mine and have been bed bound since Friday which is making me go insane and get frustrated with life.

As i have had lots of spare time on my hands this week i have been doing a lot of online wishful thinking shopping as the bank balance is saying NO and so is the other half and my mum, i just feel like i am loving so many items at the minute and thats always the case when funds are low or have to be spent elsewhere.

I am loving the trends for SPRING/ SUMMER this year as there is something to suit everyone i always find that (JUST BECAUSE ITS IN FASHION DOESN’T MEAN IT SUITS YOU) and this is where people go wrong i look around and think that Topshop mannequins have thrown up on some people or they wear things that are unflattering just because its in fashion.

These are the main trends to look out for in all high street stores;

STATEMENT TSHIRTS; I have seen these in Topshop, Primark, Zara and pretty much every other high street store this is a big trend to wear with mom jeans and converse for casual or with a leather look skirt and statement boots or sandals for summer, I do love this particular tee by @TOPSHOP but its becoming super popular everyone on Instagram already own this and if your anything like me you might want to get creative and make your own.

TIP; Buy a plain tee for a few quid get some transfer iron on paper, create and design a cool saying in a statement bold colour and print it on your tee and you have your own personalised statement tee.

GINGHAM; This is becoming popular on asos, Topshop, river island etc i previously purchased a ruffled top in this print from primark for less than £10 and thats probably the only gingham item i will buy just because its a full on print and very bold and wont suit everyone, nobody wants to look like a picnic table cloth or have a flash back from wearing this in summer at primary school (I WORE IT IN RED AT SCHOOL).

TIP; Depending on your figure and height depends on what kind of gingham clothing will suit suit, play it safe with a top or a skirt if you are taller, if your petit like me then this playsuit above or trousers may suit you with a statement tee and some backless loafers.

BACKLESS LOAFERS; I am loving this trend i have 4 pairs of backless loafers already and ill no doubt invest in some more just because they are super comfy on they dress up an outfit especially jeans and a tee, they come in so many designs, prints, colours and are a great dupe to the Gucci ones which are £700 i have some from eBay, primark, sainsburys tu clothing and ego.

TIP;Shop around for the style and design your after primark have basic colours in for £6, river island have gold tassel ones in for £45, eBay have a great selection from £12 plus the faux fur gucci Princeton dupes at £16.

DENIM; I love denim and at one point i owned over 25 pairs of jeans but that was a few years ago, denim is huge for this season whether it be this jacket from @TOPSHOP or statement jeans with embroidery on or buttoned down denim skirts which seem to be popping up online.

TIP; I love statement denim but wont pay the prices for it when i can customised my own for over half the price, i would buy some jeans and get a few patches from ebay and sew them on or get some pearls and sew them on like i did which you can see on my INSTAGRAM; NATURALBLONDE86

POM POMS; This was in late last year but it didn’t take off until now and its all over whether it be on bags, hats, sandals, playsuits you name it i’ve seen it with pom poms on, it just brightens up a bag or gives off cool look on sandals lots of high street stores have them like river island and primark plus asos online have lots varying in prices from £12.

TIP; diy make your own pom poms i recently bought a pom pom kit and it comes with 4 sizes with the simplest instructions (even i understood them) and i bought some colourful wool and started making my own and i have transformed a bag some trainers and a straw beach hat so far.

PEARLS; This is the trend i look at and see any items with pearls on are so much more expensive than any other trend at the minute especially in zara and river island, these sandals above are from @ZARA and as beautiful as they are they are the cheapest of trends to introduce into your wardrobe for the season.

TIP; I purchased a bag of 50 ivory pearls from ebay and sewn them on my basic mom jeans from primark and now i have my own customised pearl jeans for the price of £14 unlike the zara ones at £40. 

Here are the images of the items i’ve customised so far with these trends going forward and i will be filming a customisation video on my youtube channel go and subscribe to be one of the first to watch it. (youtube channel name; natural blonde)

Mom jeans from Primark £13

50 ivory pearls 6mm ebay £1

Gold tassel backless loafers Primark £6

Flamingo straw clutch bag Matalan £8

Sunglasses Primark £2

Wool Boyes £1.80 per colour

Pom pom maker Boyes £4

Pink trainers Asos £20 last years 

Wool Boyes £1.80 per colour

Pom pom maker Boyes £4
I am a creative person i get the from my mum who has worked in fashion for over 40 years and i always love designing creating and coming up with ideas of things i want to make.

Thanks for reading and let me know what trends your loving for this season.

Amy x

With these shoes i thee wed

Happy Sunday and Happy Mothers day to any mums that are reading this i know mine will.

( I am currently bed bound due to pulling my back on Friday and i have been highly frustrated and hating life as all the things i had planned to do went out the window theirs only so many films i want to watch and tea i want to drink before i go out of my mind, so i thought i would write a blog on wedding shoes as I AM GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR yet have gone off the shoes i had originally bought last summer).

Wedding shoes are what i look at more than dresses when attending weddings in the past as the shoes in my mind should be worn again and shouldn’t be a big expense just for one day like the dress as to me £500 on a pair of jimmy choos or christian louboutins is a waist for one day to then live in the box at the back of the wardrobe collecting dust.

Everyone is different when it comes to how much they spend on there weddings and what they want for there big day please remember these are my views and opinion.

I have seen SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PAIRS ONLINE at super affordable prices and i thought i would share my favourite picks with you all I am also considering turning this into a video on my Youtube channel please let me know if you would be interested in watching this plus seeing me pick my perfect pair for my big day.


As you can see i have shown them in pricing low to high as it makes it easier to view and see what you can get on a budget plus they are all less than £140 which i think is great and they are really nice for that special day plus they can be re-worn to parties, events, ladies day, weddings etc.

Wedding shoes sold in bridal shops are unflattering shapes, round toes, midi heels, fake crystals, ivory satin material (JUST A BIG FAT NO FOR ME).

I am loving a couple of these i have featured above and will probably buy a pair for my own wedding as they are subtle enough to wear again plus they aren’t breaking the bank.

Let me know how much you have spent on your wedding shoes or what you think is acceptable to spend on a pair for the big day.

Thanks for reading x

Living with Anxiety my tips and advice

Happy Thursday everyone i do hope you are all well.

I have been wanting to write this for the past 2 weeks but couldn’t get my head in the right frame of mind to get across what i wanted to say.

2 weeks ago tomorrow i woke up with awful anxiety i didn’t want to get out of bed, get dressed, look at my phone, watch the tv i just wanted to leave the curtains shut all day and hide under my duvet like the old days when i suffered like this except today was different i knew i felt sad but couldn’t explain why i felt lost inside my own brain and body like its didn’t belong to me and then all of a sudden it hit me (like a ton of bricks) i had my 1st panic attack in years and i forgot how horrible they are i felt weak, drained, dizzy, heart was racing, i was crying i felt like i didn’t know where i was my palms where sweating i felt sick with cramps if was awful to feel this way again after so long i felt i had let myself down as i thought i had overcome this years ago but obviously not.

My mum was due to go out but she didn’t want to leave me on my own so stayed with me until i fell to sleep and became rested back in my room which was my comfort zone where i felt safe, for all that weekend my moods where up and down and i didn’t leave the house once for fear of having another panic attack yet this time in public.

6 years ago when i became to suffer with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and ocd i had regular counselling for CBT which is cognitive behavoural therapy my therapist was hands down Amazing and she made me become myself again which i never thought would be possible after living with this for 8 months.

Living with anxiety never goes away you just learn to live with it, it can come at any time in your life when you least expect it and it hangs over you like a cloud so for people around me they knew when it was present as i am so happy, outgoing, confident and very determined yet when i get anxious or panicked i become a shell of myself and hate being around people i get shy, stay quiet become emotional at everything and give off an ora to people which is very cold hearted this is why i say i am either (Sunshine or Showers) there is never an in between for me.

I am no longer on medication for anxiety or depression as i didn’t want to rely on something for the rest of my life to make me better i wanted to do it on my own having the set back a couple of weeks ago i could have called mr dr and told him and he would have gave me beta blockers or diazepam which i was on 6 years ago but instead i read my help books and the Charles Linden method book and it prompted me again to think things differently and more positively.

There is a stigma talking about these issues and i hate it because we shouldn’t feel ashamed of this as it affects more of us than we think we all suffer serious things in our life’s which we learn to cope with and become stronger for it, if you are you know someone who is living with this then know you are not alone and people do want to help as they say if you don’t ask you wont get.

Look at it this way do you want to restrict yourself from living the life you want to live than the life your anxiety is letting you live i know i didn’t want to be controlled by that and thats why i still read these help books to remind myself not to let it control me as i need to be in control and have the power.

My Tips on what i do to keep it at bay;

  • Put on a film (distract yourself to not think about it)
  • Go for a walk (fresh air is the best for anxiety and feeling panicked)
  • Listen to music (create a playlist of your favourite songs and sing along)
  • Be creative (i am a crafter and love drawing or making things i find this helps me alot)
  • Go for an afternoon nap (resting throughout the day is sometimes whats needed)
  • Have a relaxing bath (this make your body relax and you sleep better at night)
  • Talk (tell people around you how your feeling so they can help)
  • Read (self help cbt, anxiety, Charles linden books they help)
  • Fight (pick fight over flight as they makes us stronger for facing our fears and anxiousness)
  • Breath (take deep breaths as it feels like your having a heart attack but its the body defending whats happening)
  • Positive (be as positive as you can look for the good in every day)

I do hope this has helped reading my experience with anxiety and how i try to keep it at bay or face it when it happens.

I do have a youtube channel now; natural blonde 

I was thinking of turning my experience of this in to a video on my channel let me know if you would be interested in seeing this or let me know how you deal with anxiety and panic attacks be good to hear from you.

Thanks for reading x